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What's the name of the song when/where...

Song Title/Band/Artist

 The Trailer/Opening scene/Closing Credits 

"Laid"- James,Matt Nathanson

After the opening scene

"Times Like These"- Foo Fighters

Jim and Michelle are dancing in a bar

"Any Other Girl"- Nu

Song at the engagement party

"I Don't Give"- Avril Lavigne

First Appearance of Stifler

"The Art of Losing"- American Hi-Fi

Searching for the Dress

"You Were Right"- Badly Drawn Boy

Stifler and Jim at the sporting goods store

"Come Back Around"- Feeder

When Stifler kicks Finch in the Groin

"Swing Swing"- All American Rejects

Driving to Chicago

"I Want to Die a Beautiful Death" - Everclear

At the Gay Bar
('80s Dance-Off)

"Maniac"- Michael Sembello
"Heaven is a Place on Earth"- Belinda Carlisle
"Sweet Dreams"- The Eurythmics
"Venus"- Bananarama
"The Reflex"- Duran Duran

On The Football Field

"Forget Everything"- New Found Glory

Outside the Bachelor Party

"Give Up the Grudge"- Gob

At the Bachelor Party
(w/ The Strippers) 

"BahaMen"-SummertimeGirls(Finally I Found it!)
"I See You Baby (Shakin' That Ass)"- Groove Armada

Driving the Resort
(Finch moons Stifler) 

"Anthem"- Good Charlotte

Jim tries to shave his pubic hair 

"Fever for the Flava"- Hot Action Cop

The beach walk when Jim and Michelle are upset about the ruined flowers

"Honey and the Moon"- Joseph Arthur

 When Stifler wakes the florist

"The Hell Song"- Sum 41

When Stifler and the football team replace the flowers

"Time For Heroes"- The Libertines

Walking down the aisle

"The Long Day is Over"- Norah Jones

Jim & Michelle's First Dance

"Into The Mystic"- Van Morrison,The Wallflowers

Other songs are:

Beloved-The Working Title
Calling You-Blue October
Bouncing Off The Walls-Sugarcult

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