Welcome to Americas Army [GCD] Clan Headquarters

[GCD] qwertnet is the player of the month


About us: the [GCD] clan was started in 2003 when a couple of really good friends all shared one interest; Americas Army. Ever since, we have grown to have 25 extremely talented members all loving AA. Every clan that wants to challenges us should prepare to be slaughtered.

Please contact us if you want to have a fight, americasarmygcdclan@yahoo.com


play an americas army shoot up game

Every player for [GCD] is required to e-mail their password
to americasarmygcdclan@yahoo.com for a necessary weekly status check.
this is necessary for weekly placement.
we are also trying to setup a password locked training server using miles
please email your email address along with the password and regularly check it
for important information regarding server passwords.

We will try to get a server up and running by June 20.Iit will proabally be radio tower, since there is alot of space

if we cannot find anymore interested people we know, we might start to scout, so everyone else be on the look out for any [GCD] players