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Hello and welcome to Amethyst Skies, an mp3 rotation site run by Kryz and Maruku. Before you download (leech), please ensure that you have checked the rules. This site used to be updated bi-weekly on Fridays, but now we update whenever we see fit to do so. We're both busy, if you're not. Just keep checking.

We will mostly offer J-rock, but excerpts from other cultures may also be placed at your disposal. Note, finally, that we do NOT accept requests, so if you do not enjoy our taste in music, feel absolutely free to frequent another mp3 rotation site. You are, however, encouraged to leave your comments. We like to know what you've taken.

Version 2.0 was designed by Maruku and features the inimitable Kaoru and Die, guitarists of Dir en grey.

R u l e s

1) Don't direct link the files. If you do this, you will screw with our bandwidth and we will send evil demons after you to poison you in your sleep.

2) These mp3's are only for sampling purposes and you must delete them after 24 hours. J-rockers need to buy clothes and catfood as much as you do, so remember to happily purchase their albums when you can! Places such as yesasia, amazon and CD Japan facilitate online purchases.

3) Absolutely NO requests entertained! We have our favourite J-rock artists and songs and this is our way to share them with the world. But fear not, if you're a fan of any of these artists, bookmark us because we will always put up great music.

4) You may now proceed to the downloads.


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