The New "Am I Period Or Not?"

Due to a lack of interest, and a lack of time on the part of the administrators this site has been discontinued, if you are interested in something similar try

Some people may remember the original "Am I Period Or Not?" website originally run by Kirrily Roberts. As that site is now gone I decided to offer a substitute..... So, I present a New (unimproved) "Am I Period Or Not?"

The aim of this site is to share photos of historical clothing you have made (please do not submit other people's work unless they request it) and recieve some feedback on it's authenticity. Hopefully most of the comments will be constructive, but this is a public forum and there are bound to be unhelpful or rude comments at some point. The comments posted to this site will be moderated and any offensive, obscene or inappropriate comments will be deleted (please let us know via email if you do see any offensive comments).


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