Goes on an Anti-electricity Rampage

The Renegade Amish has been known to be a little more radical with his views on the evils of electricity than the average Amish person. While it is true that the Amish do not want people to take their picture, we convinced The Renegade that allowing us to capture images of his blatant defiance of electricity could greatly help his anti-electrical campaign.
Our group didn't know exactly what to expect at the beginning of the project. We followed The Renegade, cameras in hand, imagining that we would see gentle reminders to non-Amish folk about how electrically driven lifestyles can lead to spiritual backsliding. "How would The Renegade Amish convince others to use less electricity or none at all?" we asked ourselves. Would he encourage people to read a book instead of watching TV? Would he suggest an outdoor barbeque in place of a microwave dinner? Would any Amish person, even The Renegade, mock electrical equipment or make fun of those who use it?
Well, we were in for quite a shock. The flagrant disrespect that The Renegade Amish has for anything and everything associated with electricity often borders on vulgar. Many were the times that we held our cameras in front of our faces while our jaws were hanging open in disbelief at what we were capturing on film. A person in such plain clothes doing such ghastly things just didn't seem right.
Anyway, what's done is done. Join us on our pictoral journey through the bizzare life of The Amish Renegade.

Click on the thumbnails for full-size pics.

Here we see the Amish Renegade protesting at the local electric company.

"One of these days I will get that rabbit of temptation." That's what he always says about the Enegizer Bunny. Well this was the day. The Renegade waited in ambush with a shotgun, as the Bunny went past along Highway 41 in Warren County, Indiana. Click here to get a close up.

This guy really doesn't like power stations. Sorry, but The Amish Renegade got a little out of hand (and pants), so we had to censor this one.

A nice non-Amish family was kind enough to let the Renegade into their house. Of course, The Renegade's intentions were clear as soon as he saw the electrical lines that were connected to the house--he was on a mission to convert.

Candles are much preferred to electric lightbulbs.

He spits on double A's. He plays "Kick the D cell." Imagine his reaction when he found this car battery.

An electric outlet?! Let's nip this problem in the bud.

As The Renegade was leaving the family's house, he decided to take a look at their electric meter...at least that's what we thought he was going to do. At least he had his back to us. (Notice the stream.)

Walking on around the house, The Renegade noticed that the family had a Direct TV satelite dish.

As a final reminder to the family, The Renegade decided to "relieve them of their electrical burden." Yes, that is an axe in his hands.

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Last updated on Tuesday, July 16, 2002.

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