Intel: Know Your Enemy


To know the challenges that face constructive reforming to the US Military, you must seek out information. In this quest you come along good information, but also half-trues, out-dated information and all to often, blatant lies. Below are some links to what I consider negative propagandist, misinformers and others that are all to willing through up obsticles in the path of positive progress.

First I thought I was going to start with PNAC: The Project for a New American Century, but instead I came across this jewel of misinformation from the Lexington Institute. All you need to do is read their Mission Statement to understand why Benjamin Franklin remarked 'patriotism is the refuge of a scoundrel'.

Stryker Lies

The one thing I can say about PNAC is at least they allow you to E-mail them, I have yet to find a way to contact this organization via the internet. I guess they don't want 'the common folk' in intrude on there perfect policy based world.

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