Future Scout Combat Vehicles

The US Army/AF's ASV is the newest version of the v-150, which proved itself in Vietnam

MOWAG's Eagle series, based on the HMMWV chassis


Amphibious Tanks

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What are "Real Scouts"? These are vehicles that are meant to be the Eyes and Ears of any ground force. One of the problems facing the US Military is the desire to combine Scouting and Reconnaissance in Force. The two are mutually exclusive. You can't have a stealthy Scout Vehicle shadowing enemy forces while having the firepower and protection needed to be a fighting force onto itself. The US Military goes a step further by using "uparmored" HMMWVs for both roles. While the standard HMMWV is a good light logistics truck, the "Uparmored" M1114 is a good Heavy Infantry Weapons platform and Liaison vehicle, it lacks the built-in surveillance equipment and amphibious fording ability needed for a true Scout Vehicle. It also lacks the protection and firepower to be a true combat vehicle. Adding that protection adds stress to the vehicle and degrades its crosscountry performance. Scouting can be thought of as pure Recon, the teams should belong to a battalion's or brigade's Intelligence Officer (S-2). The Cavarly or Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalions should considered something completely different.

DoD is waking up and investing more in the M1117 Guardian ASV

Imagine that, a security vehicle that works for security. Unfortunately the article goes to say that it is merely 'filling the gap' between armored Humvees and Strykers. It is doing no such thing, it is replacing destroyed Humvees on the battlefield. The enclosed turret offers the gunner much better protection then an exposed Humvee gunner would get even with a gun shield. It also give the crew both a .50cal M2HB heavy machine gun, good against light armored vehicles, or insurgents behind obsticles and a Mk 19 40mm automatic grenade launcher, that has excellent anti-personel effect. An armored Humvee can either mount one or the other. Also the vehicles hull is better designed to divert mine blasts away from the crew inside, the Humvee's isn't.

It should be no suprise that this vehicle is doing well, it's fore father, the v-100 did well in that other guerilla war, Vietnam. It provided convoy protection and was used for internal security. It soldiered on after the US left in 1973 in the ARVN army, were it was still in operation until Saigon fell. Several might still be in service in that country today.


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