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Kim's Kritters, Kreations & Dog.gif Kollection

Me and Dutchess in 1972

Welcome to my home page!
Be sure to check out all my pages!
Thank you!!

Bailey & Shelby:
Miniature Schnauzer Extraordinaires

Come by and visit Shelby and Bailey and look at all their cute pictures!  Find out what makes Miniature Schnauzers so sweet and irresistable!  Also, check out our "bios" page! 

K-9 Kookies & Treats
Recipes for dog biscuits and treats along with
GREAT links to fantastic web sites that feature
dog treats of all kinds as well as special "kookie kutters".

Favorite Dog gifs
Come see some of my favorite dog gifs, backgrounds, dividers, and so on.  Help yourself and visit often.  We already have a page SIX in the making!  Enjoy
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A "kollection" of some of my favorite DOG-related links.
Check 'em out!

Kim's K-9 & Pet Webpage Awards
Check out Kim's special awards that you can win for your own website or nominate your favorite pet web site for.

Kim's Backgrounds, Ltd.
Come see my unique creations ~ lots of Schnauzer-related backgrounds and other interesting designs. 

"Mini Mates"
Treasured photos of some of our
Miniature Schnauzer Friends.
Come see our beautiful pictures and send us yours!
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"Shaggy Siblings"
A spin-off of Bailey & Shelby's mini schnauzer photo
album dedicated to their "non-mini" sisters and brothers.  Page 1 is devoted to their siblings and
page 2, and beyond, to our
"Mini Mates" siblings!
Use a shortcut to Page:  [1]  [2]  [3]  . . .

"A Voice For Them . . . "
A page dedicated to those who
can't speak for themselves.

Come see the awards we've won!  We're so proud!!!

Pet Heaven
Loving photo tributes to our angelic pets, both past and present, who've graciously earned their wings and halos.

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