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It has been brought to my attention that the hood scoop that I have on my car was an early production scoop because it is made out of fiberglass.  Apparently sometime around late January early February AMC switched from the fiberglass to the plastic hood scoops.  If you have a Machine that was built around that time please make note of the build date an hood scoop material and E-mail me with that information so we can pinpoint the day that they switched to plastic. 
Thank you, Otis Kortz II
I am building this page to help the people who are restoring 1970 Rebel Machines and would like to know some of the processes and procedures AMC used to assemble these cars.  None of the information on this web site has been taken from manuals or interviews with the people who worked on the assembly line in Kenosha.  What this web site is intended to be is a live document of processes and procedures that I have noticed during the disassembly of my 45,227.0 mile Rebel Machine.  If you have any questions, comments, obscenities or observations that you have made while restoring your Rebel Machine please feel free to E-mail me at:

Thanks for looking, Otis Kortz II
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