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Galloway Anzalone
Hello all and welcome to our website!

To everyone that continue to check my website for updates: As one can imagine, I've been quite busy with the baby and care taking of the other two children which has left me very little time to dedicate to the website - so sorry for keeping you waiting for pics of the baby!  Most everyone has access to MySpace and I've been updating the pictures there since it is a much-less time consuming task, but I never meant for MySpace to be my primary forum for such things.

In any event, Alex is doing quite well.  Almost a year old already, can you believe it?  We're still trying to get our house in order after moving to a bigger rental (still keeping the house dream alive, but we just couldn't find anything in our market yet) and Dad has moved in with us following a permanent separation from his wife.  We were all packed in that tiny house but, after five years of the same surroundings, I'm sorry to be gone.  The new house is HUGE and wonderful, but we'll probably be moving when our lease is up come November due to the unexpected increases in our utility bills :(

It is nice that the children each have their own rooms, and we're immensely enjoying Dad living with us and being an integrated part of the family.  Zena moved back to California so its great seeing her more often as well. 

Not much else going on other than daily work and playing with the kids when I get home.  William made it in to GATE and was only one of three children in his grade to qualify!  I'm so proud of him :)  And Elly is halfway through Kindergarten and is a Math Master.  She is still wonderfully adorable and the gentlest of spirits.

Now if I could only get Alex to stop biting me with those four teeth of his!

It snowed for three days and I'm STILL not able to drive myself to work.  I tried today after a couple of days of rain and I just ended up spinning my wheels and freaking myself out.  It would be nice to have a White Christmas though.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks for checking in!

Amy Gallowa
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My sister's Rachel Granado's Indian name:   Dancing Bear
Did you know that Galloway is a province in Scotland which has millions of cows and produce such products as "Galloway Cheese", milk, and tons of other great stuff!
This page is dedicated to my mother, Rebecca "Running Deer" Sanchez who passed away July 23, 1999.  I love you very much and may God keep you safe.
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Here's my niece, my son and me!
Also taken in August of 1999.
Christina, William, and Rachel.
Taken in August of 1999.
(December 1999)
Come back now, ya hear?
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December 22, 2008
Some facts about my sister:  Rachel Granado lives in Austin, Texas with her two daughters, Christina and Julianna, her husband, Casmiro, and had her son ONE DAY before my birthday (I thought for sure we'd share the same day :( 
Introductions and latest news:
Amy went to Barcelona Spain! 
For more pics of our Spain trip, and a short story on how Aram and I met, click on me!
Miss all those great, formal pictures of William, Amy, and Family?
Click William's beautiful 3 Month Picture for their new location!  (Some formal portraits remain on this homepage)
This picture's getting old but I still love it!
Girls, look out for those baby blues!
October 2002
Jessi and Amy in 2002
Did you fill out your Census Form?
Giving you the latest news since 1999
Isn't she a happy bathing baby! 
July 27, 2003 (3 1/2 months)
Zena recently took a tour of the Studio where Elvis was discovered in Memphis.  Look - it's the same mic!  Be sure to check her out and her music with Estrum!
My beautiful Elly girl before she turned 1
Then & Now
Old Favorites
Austin visit May 2006
Look how she's grown@
Amy and Jessi in 2006
Jessi is now 16 years old and in high school!
Universal Studios trip 2006
My grown-up little sister is a master at digital photography - she's showing this old cat some new tricks!  I'm thoroughly impressed by her talent - check out her singing too on MySpace!
I've been doing ebay for 10 years now - I have many tricks and secrets to get what you want so just ask!
Elly's 3-Year Portraits. 
There are other, older portraits of the kids on the FormalPortraits.html link near the bottom of this page.
Yes - I look happy :)  And yes, we were at a bar!
We love our dad!  From Rachel's visit Summer, 2005
She loves to decorate the fridge with her latest pics!
May 2006
Associates of Arts Degree
Language & Literature Arts
Mother's Day 2006
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This is Christmas Day - Santa was all done delivering Christmas presents and Elly got a shot with him on vacation in Disneland California Adventure!  Christmas 2006
Go-Carts are fun anytime!
(even for adults :)
William did such an awesome job on this dragon!  He is quite the artist.
Look at all those new teeth! 
This picture was taken in December 06 before his haircut.
William and Elly December 2006
Look who's holding who now!  Zena is still immensely beautiful and William is just as cute!!  The first picture was taken in 1999 and the second in 2007!
Auntie Zena and Elly!  April 2007
I'm surprised we're not all tired of traveling!  We went to Universal Studios earlier in April of 2006
Rachel, me, and William at Austin's exclusive new mall! 
April 2007
William and Cousin Gabe April 2007
William, Great-Grandma Rosa and Elly
Odessa Visit April 2007
This is William and Elly with their Great GREAT Grandmother Ruth!
Odessa Visit April 2007
Odessa Visit 2007
The kids with their Great Grandpa Joe
Halloween 2008 - Presenting
Elly as Princess Fiona, William the Vamp and Alex the Monkey
Jessi and Aram, September 2007
Alex right after he was born!
Various pictures of Amy and Family
Jessi and Aram, Thanksgiving 2008
Elly's First Christmas!
Shhh!  Baby's sleeping :)
Alex is keeping warm these days!
Elly and William 2008 (he has monster paint on following a performance)
Elly's modeling already!
December 2008
The three of us!  Jessi, Amy and Zena
Thanksgiving 2008
Alex LOVES to drum - here he is with the Guitar Hero drum set.
Alex will eat anything!  Except, of course, for those expensive jars of baby food :)
What a beautiful smile, William!
Student of the Month award, Spring, 2008
Gingerbread House 2008!
Dad and the kids, 4th of July 2008
Singing must run in the family!  Here I am Christmas 2005 singing!
Gingerbread House 2006!
Football 2007
Billy and William with broken arms
In the snow, 2006
Elly as Snow White, Halloween 2007