Amy Throck*-Smythe's
Adventures in Polyfandomy

Jurassic Park III

The Last of his Breed
Scenes from the post-JPIII Alan and Billy romance
A little Alan and Billy Gallery

Boy Meets Boy

Scenes from the Tybalt and Skids Romance

Tybalt in Traffic ~ Tybalt on Film ~ Tybalt in Love

For those new to Boy Meets Boy, here is a little guide to the Tybalt strips, including those with Skids, that these stories are loosely based on.

A Mikhael and Skids story - After the Gallery...

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Disclaimer: Copyright by Amy Throck*-Smythe and Karmen Ghia original material only. These are original works of amateur fiction based on other peoples' creations. It makes transformative use of their works and is intended only for noncommercial purposes. This work makes "fair use" of their works of copyrighted material; it is not intended to infringe on the intellectual property rights of anyone or any of their assignees or licensees. The author's copyright extends only to the original material in this work.

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