"Can You Feel The Love"
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Island Princess

This gift is from Island Princess, and accompanies the poem she wrote
for Amya and Gaige. Thank you Island Princess!

Amya and Gaige

"My Two Precious Gifts"

Two of God's children
I cradle gently to my breasts
Nurturing with love and special care
always striving to do my best

Though the road is sometimes blocked
with pitfalls and hazards unforeseen
With help from God and Guardian Angels
we get through these times it seems

There is Amya my precious baby
so delicate and full of love
I am so blessed to have you in my life
you are my angel sent from above

Amya you are my little princess, my darling baby girl
dimpled cheek, big bright eyes, lighting up the world
Singing, dancing merrily, Bunny Fou-Fou, great big hugs
important person in our lives, all good things, and love

You are a friend to Derick and Hannah, my companion everyday
always keeping each other company, and this I want to say
Amya precious little one my blessing, my joy in life
I pray to the Lord, I thank Him, each and every night

Then there is Gaige my happy boy
you are a vision of love in my sight
Laughing, running, so hard at play
you're a comfort both day and night

Gaige, you are mommy's little helper, daddy's little man
jumping on the trampoline, riding in the sand
You love to swim like a fish, a merman you could be
singing is another favorite, especially songs by R Kelly

Scooby-doo, dinosaurs are among your favorite toys
I love to watch you happily, my son, my little boy
I thank the Lord in heaven, my Savior up above
for bringing you into my life, with you He sent His love

You are my two precious and special angels
sent from our Father up above
He knew I would always take good care of you
and give you every ounce of my love

So on those days you are not so well
and you feel not at your best
I pray the Lord to watch over you
and with His comfort and love we are blessed

Copyright © August 2001 Island Princess....All Rights Reserved

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