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Welcome to SeReNDiPiTy'S PLaCe!
Finally you're here!

Thank you for visiting my website!. My first homepage which was hosted by xoom had closed so I have to move my website to geocities.  Hopefully, this will be my last move  because I no longer have the patience to transfer files from one domain to another and sometimes when you get older...you get a little lazier, too.  Anyways, I plan to stay here for good :)

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Everything you'll see here are all my personal choices,my favorites, my passions, my special events and in some ways a reflection of my feelings....
If you were able to get into this site "by chance" (serendipity) or thru search engines, you are most welcome to stay and enjoy the stuffs here. 
Please feel free to read and browse my pages.
May it be a blessing and a source of encouragement to everyone who comes to my site.
Happy surfing! God Bless...
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