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Jet Set Willy: Afrikaan

The third game in the Kari Krišníková series bears the working title 3.AFRIKAAN, which was a rumoured title for the third album in David Bowie's Nathan Adler series (1.OUTSIDE was released in 1995, but we're still waiting for 2.CONTAMINATION, the hopes for which have receded possibly beyond recall).

Afrikaan is planned to be a postmodern KK game - a parody of Stephen King's Misery in that Andrew Broad is captured by an obsessed fan who is mad about him continuing the KK series. Hence the diary will consist of an inner story (Afrikaan) as well as the outer story (Kari On - the process of creating the sequel, which I will try to write up as I work on it myself, but refracted into Krišníkovian surreality).

The inner story is slowly beginning to take shape in my mind: it concerns a quest against cyan forces, undertaken by a small squad of white-siders. They will have to face enemies such as killer bees, vampires, ringwraiths, and dark lords of the Sith (trying to combine the best of several fantasy-worlds here! :)). As in We Pretty and Goodnite Luddite, I will write up my best dreams for the diary - and I've already had some good ones since Goodnite Luddite! :-)

The plot-elements that recur in my mind include a theocratic court of law, miscarriages of justice, misadministration, a mysterious ombudsman, a perilous quest undertaken by a small group of people to prevent the ultimate triumph of evil, ambiguous loyalties that may even switch during the story, and someone being seduced into evil by a promise of everliving life.

The game will probably consist of some outtakes (room-ideas) from We Pretty and Goodnite Luddite, plus new room-ideas that I think of in the future. In terms of the map-design, I'm currently unsure of whether to lean towards linearity or clustering - the latter is definitely preferable in terms of playability, but it has to fit the story, too.

I was hoping to release Afrikaan on 31st December 2005 so that the release-years of the Kari Krišniková trilogy would match those of the Star Wars prequel-trilogy. Unfortunately I haven't even started the game yet, so this release-date is no longer valid.

So far I've just been writing down ideas (an outline plan for the diary is beginning to take shape, and room-ideas). I wrote the first entry of the diary on 22nd October 2004, but I've been so busy with other things that I haven't written a single room for the game yet. As of 31st December 2005, I have 53 "definite" room-ideas, and 34+n "maybe" room-ideas (where n is the number of rooms in a maze of twisty little passages, yet to be decided). I will select the best 64 (Afrikaan will be a 48K JSW game, like We Pretty and Goodnite Luddite before it).

I am currently developing a patch to implement horizontal and vertical lifts, and have uploaded a "work in progress" (including a playable demo) to the Files section of the Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy Yahoo! Group (you have to join the Group first). I uploaded the latest revision of this patch on 3rd August 2006 (see Message 5886 for details).

I have also been working on a patch to replace ramps with vertical conveyors, but haven't touched that since late 2004. I am also considering patches to apply an arbitrary POKE in each room, and to allow Willy to turn in mid-jump.

27th May 2008: I'm not planning to release Afrikaan until I've got Advanced MM/JSW Trainer up to v1.0.0, and I'm not planning to work on either of them until 2009.

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