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This new page relates to MM<->JSW conversion to and from Jet Set Willy II.

Converting JSW II to other room-formats

In 1993, I was planning to convert Jet Set Willy II: The Final Frontier to the MM and JSW I formats, just as I did convert between MM and JSW I (the results of which can be seen in my Party Willy box-set, and Java-programs for doing so can be found in the beta-version of SPECSAISIE in the Files section of the Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy Yahoo! Group - you have to join the Group first).

MM: JSW II was going to be a seven-volume MM game, presenting the 126 rooms in the order in which they appear in attract-mode (which is different from their technical room-numbers, and there are eight rooms that don't appear in attract-mode, of which the only room from JSW I is "The Off Licence", which is why I decided to put it in Manic Miner: The Buddha of Suburbia). The remaining 14 rooms in Volume 7 were going to do for David Bowie's Black Tie White Noise album what I did do for The Buddha Of Suburbia.

JSW: JSW II was going to be a three-volume 48K JSW I game:

Now that we have JSW64, it could be so much better than it would have been, although I'd still have to consider a JSW128 version if I wanted a single-volume game covering all 134 rooms (no JSW64 variant allows more than 128 rooms). Unless I wrote some clever patch-vectors to merge the three "Well" rooms into one, and to load another four rooms from memory usually used for sprites (or, as John Elliott suggested, the Final Barrier buffers in Bank 7 (7:#E2FF to 7:#F4FE)). But that, of course, would go against my principle of not modifying the target game-engine.

I might even do a 'faithful' conversion and a 'fixed' one, as JSW II has several design-flaws, such as unfair infinite-death scenarios (when converted to JSW64), and items that can be jumped up for from below - which can now be protected by Crumbly cells at the same coordinates.

I might convert JSW II to every format mentioned above: MM, 48K JSW I, JSW64, and even JSW128 as well. It would be interesting to see what I can do under the different limitations of each game-engine. I don't yet know to what extent (if any) I will be able to automate the conversions.

Converting MM and JSW to JSW II

Now that JSWED (v2.3.0 and higher) supports MM, JSW, JSW128, JSW64 and JSW II, and can export and import rooms from/to any of their room-formats, I plan to write not only MM: JSW II, JSW: JSW II, JSW128: JSW II and JSW64: JSW II, but also a pair of JSW II games:

I have uploaded a JSW II game containing the Manic Miner caverns - imported via John Elliott's XML file-format, with some manual tweaks to make it item-completable (though not without sacrificing a life) - to the Files section of the Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy Yahoo! Group (you have to join the Group first).

from JSW II: MM

It is a beta-version and an experimental prototype, so please don't upload it to any other websites. I might gamma-release it as part of the Toy box-set - along with the other conversions mentioned on this page.

Comments on JSWED's JSW II import-algorithm with respect to JSW II: MM:

I'll probably redo JSW II: MM from scratch when I have a better import-algorithm (either in JSWED, or one that I write myself as a SPECSAISIE function). It only took me an evening to knock up this prototype.


I plan to release the following conversions as part of the Toy box-set:

  1. MM: JSW II (7 volumes)
  2. JSW: JSW II (3 volumes)
  3. JSW128: JSW II
  4. JSW64: JSW II (2 volumes)
  5. JSW II: MM
  6. JSW II: JSW

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