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Manic Miner: Outside

In September 1995, David Bowie released my favourite album of all time, 1.OUTSIDE. It's a concept-album, which deals with such themes as art-ritual murder and self-mutilation. It's more than just an album - it comes with the Diary of Nathan Adler (which in turn inspired the Kari Krisníková Diaries for We Pretty and Goodnite Luddite), and some amazing computer-generated photos, with David `morphed' into the various characters (Detective Professor Nathan Adler, Baby Grace Blue (the victim), Leon Blank, Ramona A. Stone and Algeria Touchshriek (the suspects). 1.OUTSIDE has a great surreal atmosphere, and was supposed to be the first in a series of albums, but I'm still holding my breath for 2.CONTAMINATION.

1.OUTSIDE has 19 tracks (depending on whether you count "segue - Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name" as one or two, and the bonus-tracks on the various versions of the album), so I'd love to do an MM tribute-game. As 1.OUTSIDE featured an incongruous remix of "Strangers When We Meet" from The Buddha of Suburbia soundtrack album, so MM:Outside will feature a remix of the room from MM:Buddha.

27th November 2005: I haven't even started writing MM:Outside yet, and it's now too late to aim for a 2005 release to celebrate the tenth anniversary. So MM:Outside is no longer a priority - I just want to concentrate on Afrikaan now. I now plan to write MM:Outside as a JSW64 Manic Miner game: 20 rooms for the main album (with "segue - Ramona A. Stone" and "I Am With Name" as separate rooms), then after the swordfish-routine, I plan to present the many bonus-tracks and B-sides as a mini JSW game. Having analysed the tracks on two special editions of the album, on the singles from the album, and songs from 1.OUTSIDE that have appeared on later CDs (mainly live performances), I can now reveal that MM:Outside will have 44 rooms altogether (each alternate version will have its own room, but tracks which are identical as far as I can hear will not have multiple rooms).

If David Bowie does look like continuing the series at any point, I will consider writing sequels to MM:Outside accordingly (I have already plundered the hoax track-listing for 2.CONTAMINATION for room-ideas, some of which turned up in Goodnite Luddite and Ma jolie, and some of which are shortlisted for JSW:Afrikaan - Afrikaan being a rumoured title for the third album in the series, though I won't take Contamination for a game-title unless and until the real Contamination is released).

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