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Manic Miner 2 Translation

Carl Murray has done a version of Manic Miner 2 in which the room names are translated from German to English (which you can download by clicking here). He got a German friend to tell him what the names meant, but the German's English was a bit shaky and he couldn't translate everything. Having taken German to `A' Level myself, I decided to do the translation myself and compare my translations with Carl Murray's.

Room 0:       "Das lustige Plumpsbild"
Carl Murray:  "The funny fall"
Andrew Broad: "The funny fall screen"

An odd title, and not easy to translate. `Bild' literally means `picture', but it translates better to `screen' (`Bildschirm' is German for computer screen). `Lustig' could also mean `merry' or `jolly'.

Room 1:       "******* Entental ********"
Carl Murray:  "Duck valley"
Andrew Broad: "******* Duck valley ********"

Room 2:       "**** Pinguinis ******"
Carl Murray:  "Penguins"
Andrew Broad: "**** Penguins ******"

Room 3:       "Das Lager der WC's"
Carl Murray:  "Storage of toilets"
Andrew Broad: "The camp of the WCs"

`Lager' could also mean `store', and perhaps that is a more plausible translation.

Room 4:       "Balduins Ballhaus"
Carl Murray:  "Baldwin's ballhouse"
Andrew Broad: "Balduin's ballhouse"

I don't anglicise proper nouns when I translate. I think it's more faithful to the original to keep them as they are.

Room 5:       "Die Farm der Verbannten"
Carl Murray:  "The place of the outsider"
Andrew Broad: "The farm of the exiles"

Room 6:       "Miner Willy im Schlammwatt"
Carl Murray:  "Miner Willy in the mud"
Andrew Broad: "Miner Willy in the mud-flats"

Room 7:       "Vorsicht vor der Kong-Bestie"
Carl Murray:  "Attention of the Kong Beast"
Andrew Broad: "Beware of the Kong Beast"

Room 8:       "Wuschelgefahr!"
Carl Murray:  "Wuschel Danger!"
Andrew Broad: "Curly danger!"

Room 9:       "Im Wald, da sind die Raeuber..."
Carl Murray:  "The Forest of Thieves"
Andrew Broad: "The robbers are in the forest..."

"The Forest of Thieves" is actually a great title for a Manic Miner room; mine is closer to a literal translation of the original ("In the forest, there are the robbers...").

Room 10:      "Attacke der Telefone"
Carl Murray:  "Telephone Attack!!!"
Andrew Broad: "Attack of the telephones"

Room 11:      "Hilfe! Der Kong aus dem Wald"
Carl Murray:  "Help! Kong Beast of the forest"
Andrew Broad: "Help! The Kong [is] out of the forest"

Room 12:      "Achtung... Radar unterwegs"
Carl Murray:  "Attention... Radar on the way"
Andrew Broad: "Look out... Radar on the way"

Room 13:      "Sprudelis"
Carl Murray:  "Sprudelis"
Andrew Broad: "Sprudelis"

`Sprudel' means `fizzy drink' or `mineral water'. Sprudelis is a German company that produces mineral water, so I too would just translate it as it is.

Room 14:      "Hortens Warenlager"
Carl Murray:  "Horden's storage"
Andrew Broad: "Horten's warehouse"

`Warehouse' is clearly the best translation, as it refers back to "The Warehouse" in the original Manic Miner. I've always thought of this screen as Horten's version of that cavern, where Horten is presumably one of the authors of MM2 (along with Dagobert and possibly Balduin - it is mere speculation on my part that any of the three are the authors).

Room 15:      "Die Roboter kommen"
Carl Murray:  "The robots are coming"
Andrew Broad: "The robots are coming"

Room 16:      "Dagoberts Geldspeicher"
Carl Murray:  "Uncle Scrooge's bank vault"
Andrew Broad: "Dagobert's bank"

See comments for Room 14 - this must be Dagobert's adaptation of "The Bank" from MM1. Literally, `Geld' means `money' and `Speicher' means `storehouse'. I'm not sure where you get "Uncle Scrooge" from - a touch of your own, perhaps, referring to Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol?

Fredrik Ekman had the following information to add: `Indeed, Uncle Scrooge does refer to Ebenezer Scrooge, but in a very indirect way. Uncle Scrooge (McDuck) is a comic book character, the rich uncle of Donald Duck. The character's name is a loan from Dickens. The German name for Uncle Scrooge McDuck is "Onkel Dagobert Duck" and "Geldspeicher" is the most common German translation for Scrooge's "Money Bin". I find it highly probable that the reference is to the comic character and the translation would thus be "Scrooge's money bin". For further information and pictures, see http://stp.ling.uu.se/~starback/dcml/chars/scrooge.html and http://stp.ling.uu.se/~starback/dcml/chars/moneybin.html'

Room 17:      "Amoebatrons Rache"
Carl Murray:  "Amoebatrons' revenge"
Andrew Broad: "Amoebatrons' revenge"

Room 18:      "Kernenergie-Generator"
Carl Murray:  "The Atomic generator"
Andrew Broad: "Nuclear energy generator"

Room 19:      "Letztes Hindernis"
Carl Murray:  "The last obstruction"
Andrew Broad: "Final obstacle"

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