Let me give you my hand.
May it ever be there for you.
Let me give you my shoulder.
May it always comfort you.
Let me give you my arms.
May they only hold you.
Let me give you my heart.
May it only love you.
- Author Unknown ~

~ Our May Angels ~

Angel Noah - B/D 5/1/97
In Loving Memory of Noah Hunley

Angel Emma - heaven day 5/3/87
Carrie and Emma ~ Together Forever In The Arms Of Jesus

Angel Chris S. - heaven day 5/3/98
In Loving Memory of Christopher Schuh

Angel Gerri - heaven day 5/6/08
In Loving Memory of Gerri Ann Hayes

Angel Christopher - b'day 5/7/90
Happy 19th Birthday Angel Christopher!

Angel Austin Daniel - B/D 5/7/98
In Loving Memory of Austin Daniel Antram

Angel David S. - heaven day 5/8/04
David's Page

Angel Joseph S. - b'day 5/9/88
In Loving Memory of Joseph Schiavone

Angel Jamie - b'day 5/10/84
Jamie's Page

Angel Cody Wade - heaven day 5/10/05
In Loving Memory of Cody Joe Wade

Angel Charity - heaven day 5/13/03, b'day 5/15/03
Charity's Story

Angel Michael S. - heaven day 5/15/03
The Life of Michael Strenko

Angel Rade - b'day 5/15/64
In Loving Memory of Rade Ciric

Angel Amber - b'day 5/16/81
Happy Birthday Angel Amber!

Angel Elliot - b'day 5/16/05
Baby Angel Elliot

Angel Jina - heaven day 5/17/99
Evan's Dream of Jina in Heaven

Angel Angie - b'day 5/17/71
In Loving Memory of Angie Ann Duhon

Angel Jordan Kai - b'day 5/17/07
In Loving Memory of Jordan Kai Graeme

Angel Patricia - b'day 5/17/49
In Loving Memory of Patricia Ann Kospelich

Angel Chris F. - heaven day 5/18/85
In Loving Memory of Christopher Bret Fuit

Angel Michele W. - heaven day 5/20/04
Michele's Page

Angel Heather W. - b'day 5/21/76
Happy Birthday Angel Heather!

Angel Vicki - b'day 5/22/64
Welcome to Helen and Bruce's Angel Pages

Angel Cathy - b'day 5/23/63
In Loving Memory of Catherine Clare Martin

Angel Judy - b'day 5/23/49
Maggie's Angels

Angel Joshua W. - b'day 5/24/81
Joshua's Page

Angel Patti - heaven day 5/24/02
Our Princess Angel Patti

Angel Kent - b'day 5/27/58
Happy Birthday Our Angel Kent!

Angel Alexander - B/D 5/27/04
In Loving Memory of Alexander James Gann

Angel Quintin - b'day 5/28/82
Quintin's Page

Angel Jessica L. - heaven day 5/29/92
Jessica's Page

Angel Jenessa - due date 5/29/06
In Loving Memory of Jenessa Danae Rodriguez

Angel Alan - b'day 5/29/61
In Loving Memory of Alan J. Vitagliano

Angel Melanie - B/D 5/29/07
In Loving Memory of Our Baby Melanie

~ Our June Angels ~

Angel Tommy C. - heaven day 6/1/08
In Loving Memory of Tommy Caves

Angel Peyton - b'day 6/2/06
Happy Birthday Angel Peyton!

Angel Tanisha - heaven day 6/4/96
In Loving Memory of Tanisha Ann Brown

Angel Krissy - heaven day 6/6/97
Krissy's Page

Angel Jason K. - heaven day 6/6/03
Celebration of Jay

Angel Stephanie - b'day 6/8/97
Happy Birthday Angel Stephanie!

Angel Ray - b'day 6/8/81
In Loving Memory of George "Ray" Ours

My Dad - b'day 6/8/37
My Dad, My Coach, My Friend

Angel Justin Luke - b'day 6/9/82
Happy Birthday Justin Luke!

Angel Alan - heaven day 6/9/06
In Loving Memory of Alan J. Vitagliano

Angel Dennis D. - heaven day 6/10/01
Welcome to Helen and Bruce's Angel Pages

Angel Todd - b'day 6/11/73
Homeward Bound ~ In Loving Memory of Michael "Todd" Anthony

Angel Kathleen - b'day 6/11/73
In Loving Memory of Kathleen Mary McQuarrie

Angel Jenny Lynn - b'day 6/12/76, heaven day 6/13/76
In Loving Memory of Our Jenny Lynn

Angel Carlene - heaven day 6/13/98
In Loving Memory of Carlene Porter

Angel Chris M. - b'day 6/14/80
Christopher's Place

Angel Michael S. - b'day 6/14/81
The Life of Michael Strenko

Angel Sammie - b'day 6/15/93
Happy Birthday Angel Sammie!

Angel Jaime - b'day 6/15/76
Happy Birthday Angel Jaime!

Angel Tyler T. - heaven day 6/16/03
Tyler's Story

Angel Robbie G. - heaven day 6/16/94
In Loving Memory of Robbie Gilman

Angel Gordy - b'day 6/17/81
In Loving Memory of Our Angel Gordy

Angel Louise - b'day 6/18/80
Happy Birthday Angel Louise!
(Will be updating this page for Louise's 29th Birthday this year!)

Angel Meshael - heaven day 6/18/01, b'day 6/20/86
Meshael's Story
Happy Birthday Angel Meshael!
(Will be updating this page for Mesheal's 23rd Birthday this year!)

Angel Michele - heaven day 6/18/05
In Loving Memory of My Mom

Angel Cory - heaven day 6/20/03
In Loving Memory of Cory Alexander Bute

Angel Peter - b'day 6/21/03
Our Angel Baby Peter

Angel Neal - heaven day 6/22/03, b'day 6/30/86
In Loving Memory of Neal Curtis Beasley

Angel Jesse - b'day 6/24/87
Happy Birthday Angel Jesse!
(Will be updating this page for Jesse's 22nd Birthday this year!

Angel Kimmy - b'day 6/25/96
In Loving Memory of Kimberly Helen McClelland

Angel Justin M. - heaven day 6/25/03
For Our Angel Justin's Heaven Day

Angel Joseph S. - heaven day 6/25/05
In Loving Memory of Joseph Schiavone

Angel Craig - heaven day 6/25/06
In Loving Memory of Anthony "Craig" Boston

Angel Christina - b'day 6/26/85
In Loving Memory of Christina Ball

Angel Shannon - b'day 6/26/80
In Loving Memory of Shannon Lee Day

Angel Benjiman - b'day 6/27/86, heaven day 6/28/86
Happy Birthday Angel Benjiman!
Benjiman's Site Map

Angel Thomas H. - heaven day 6/27/99
The Memory of Thomas

Angel Kristina L. - b'day 6/28/84
Kristina's Page

Angel Davey - heaven day 6/28/01
In Loving Memory of Davey Allison Dunavant

Angel Angie - heaven day 6/29/02
In Loving Memory of Angie Ann Duhon

Angel "Scooby" - b'day 6/30/73
Happy Birthday Scooby!

Angel Doug Meadors - b'day 6/30/82
In Loving Memory of Douglas Meadors

Maria's Tribute to Christopher