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Hello! I am 22 years old and I live in Miami, FL. As a true crime buff, I started doing memorial sites when I was 14. I have always been interested in crimes against children. I was hit by the tragic death of Jimmy Ryce when I was nine. This child will always have a place in me. I'll never forget him. I remember his case vividly. I designed 'Black Kids Heaven' for black children because of the little media coverage given to black victims. I have expanded my pages and now I have many sites, ranging from unsolved to very heinous murders. I also write memorial poems. On June 7, 2007 my cousin Darnarius was killed.
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I miss your smile, I miss your touch. I miss you so very, so very very much.
As a strict mother, you were great. You gave me a strong spirit of faith.
You always spoke your mind and did things from the heart.
You constantly corrected me and that's how I became so smart.
Though we had our times of trouble, I have put them all aside.
As I grieve, I find myself defending you with pride.
Each of our arguments gave me more strength.
You taught me to achieve and not to be a whimp.
Lord knows I miss you like crazy. I'll be forever greatful to be your baby.
I will not stand at your grave nor cry. As long as I live, you will never die.
In my life you stood up like a super star.
And because of you I plan to go far.

R.I.P Mom (1967-2001)
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