The Paladins are intended, and are, to be the most elite and disciplined micronational military unit. The individuals in the Order are highly trained in all methods of micronational war in both offensive, defensive and intelligence procedures. In addition, these individuals pledge to follow the strictest code of conduct and an even stricter set of High Laws. In this respect these persons maintain an elite and responsible military and set an example for all micronational armies.


The Paladins are binded to not only follow the standard High Laws of Hyperborea, but must also follow two more sets of laws; the Paladin Law and the Code of Conduct. As outlined above, these laws insure that the military is under the most responsible discipline and of extremely accurate power to defend Hyperborea.

1.a Hyperborean High Laws I: No hatred shall be expressed in Hyperborea
II: Anyone who swears and follows an oath of virtue shall not be prevented from entering Hyperborea
III: There is freedom of thought for all
IV: Treason is defined as any needless harming of a Hyperborean citizen
V: No Hyperborean shall lie or cloud the truth while in Hyperborea
VI: Nothing shall be done to insult Hyperborea's honor, such as criminal acts in its territory
VII: Hyperborea may not restrict emigration in any way
VIII: The government may not conceal any information from Hyperborean citizens
IX: Hyperborea may not conquer another nation. It also may not declare war
X: Hyperborea shall not ally with a foreign nation nor favor one over another in any way
XI: Hyperborea shall not restrict its citizens' lives outside of Hyperborea in any way
XII: No Thulean may be conscripted into any position he or she does not want
XIII: The government of Hyperborea shall be informal and democratic
XIV: There shall be no double citizenship in Hyperborea
XV: The High Laws may be changed by a 3/5 majority vote

Notes: For the Paladins, Law VII is overruled and Law XV ratio is increased to 4/5. These two laws are the only laws that can be adjusted for the Paladins.

VII: Emigration of Paladins is restricted only when the circumstances of emigration may be suspicous. As if in the case of should a Paladin be on trial or accused of breaking a High Law. Said person(s) may not leave Hyperborea until charges have been cleared.
XV: The High Laws may be changed by a 4/5 majority vote. This is increased due to the strictness required by the Order and to prevent any lowering of the responsible duties herein.

1.c Volsung High Laws

1.b Paladin High Laws

I: A Paladin must always obey the orders of the Viceroyal unless they contradict the High Laws (both Paladin and Hyperborean) or the Code of Conduct.
II: A Paladin may never attack an enemy, person, entity or anything unless attacked first. And even in this case permission must be granted by the Viceroyal.
III: A Paladin will fight honourably and accordingly against an enemy.
IV: A Paladin will never back down from the enemy even in the most dire situations. A true Paladin fights to the death.
V: When attacking an enemy show no mercy. If the Order is forced into a battle then the situation is dire enough that the enemy deserves no pity.
VI: A Paladin may never use the training of the Order for personal gain or use.
VII: The Order can never be used in an offensive manner. The Order is only for the defense of Hyperborea.

1.d Code of Conduct

-A Paladin may never insult anyone and must uphold the rules of Chivalry in maintaining strict etiquette even in battle.
-A Paladin may never destroy property. In the event where capture of an enemy stronghold is made, a Paladin may never destroy this property, but maintain it securely until the war or battle is over.
-A Paladin must uphold the rules of diplomacy and always look for a peaceful solution to any conflict.
-A Paladin may never offer his/her services to another nation.
-A Paladin must report to the Viceroyal on a regular basis to maintain responsible activity.
-A Paladin must maintain strict loyalty to the Order and never allow personal judgement to preceed that of logic.


The Paladins are organized by a ranking system similar to the normal US Army rankings. These indicate both authoritive levels and veterancy. Promotions may only be granted by the Viceroyal.
Viceroyal - The Viceroyal of the Volsaarns leads the Paladins and is responsible for their organization, order, commanding and training.
Paladin - The Paladin is the highest ranking position in the Order. These persons are the most elite and expert Paladins in the Order and maintain the most loyal and strict agendas.
Knight - The Knight is the second ranking position in the Order. These persons are expert soldiers and maintain the most loyal and strict agendas. Knights usually lack the veterancy to become seasoned Paladins.
Squire - A Squire is the apprentice Paladin. These soldiers are powerful, but lack any veterancy and are still in heavy training. A Squire may not enter battle until he/she is promoted to the level of a Knight.

Current Viceroyal - Duke Ryan Caruso
Current Knights - none
Current Squires: none

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