Mystical experiense
Awakening of Kundalini: Experience 1
Hideko Komiya 43, formerly a nurse

I'd like to write about the changes I went through in my daily life due to the practice of AUM.
I had not been able to work with confidence and satisfaction as before for a couple of years, because the change in my way of life had affected my job (education of nurses) and had worried me very much. While in such a state, I was trying to live positively, and was reflecting on myself; I was looking for a new way of life, and was challenging a lot of difficulties that I had escaped until then. Although some problems were solved, my inner Self was not satisfied and was seeking for something else.
It was in May 1986 that a friend of mine let me know an article of a magazine in some seminar; It caught my heart. I read the article over and over again with the feeling that this was the path I had been looking for. The feeling of joy welled up that this might save me. The article was written by Master Asahara.
I enrolled in AUM right away and knew that the intensive seminar would be held in June. (Editor's note: AUM Supreme Truth holds an weeklong intensive training seminar with Master Asahara every other month) Resisting the urge to take part in the seminar right away, I practiced the basic program hard during July and August. After that I participated in the short-term intensive seminar of August and September 1986 for six days. My legs ached because I had to sit in meditation long in the practice of the seminar. It is so hard that I felt like crying and always wanted the time to go by quickly, though I knew that the practice was necessary to gain supreme happiness.
The speech of truth by Master Asahara, his personality, the kindness of AUM staffer impressed me very much. Above all, the twelve hour night practice was very hard, but I was very grateful for individual instruction which helped me, only beginners, understand the technique smoothly.
Through this seminar I confirmed that it was really good to have participated in the seminar and that I would like to keep practicing. I believed in and respected Master Asahara and the practice of AUM. Being very impressed, I came back from the seminar. My spirit was excited for about a week and I was in a kind of meditative state in daily life.
After two or three months passed, several changes started to happen in my daily life such as human relations and work. Until then I had been very busy with work and had much stress due to the feeling of impatience and dissatisfaction. In addition, my colleagues were also busy and could not think much of others. Their words sometimes hurt my feelings.
However, while I was very busy with work as before, after the seminar, my work went relatively smoothly, and I became less impatient; I began to have inspiration. As to human relations, I became able to understand others' feelings even from the words that had hurt my feelings before. I became able to get along with people more easily. In addition I began to feel ease and secure.
While I was making positive changes, I was worried that I did not have enough time for meditative practice. When I finished all household tasks after coming home, I tried to meditate but always became sleepy. I was worried that I may quit the practice as long as I kept working. At the same time I felt stronger urge to devote myself to the practice of AUM to raise my spiritual consciousness. So I attended all the short term intensive seminar held in Jan. 1987, to make a final decision to prepare myself for a new start. I came home from the seminar, having decided to quit my job.
I used to be a nurse. It was planned to make a new nursing school few years ago. I was involved in it from the planning stage, and put my heart into its success; I became very attached to it. So I felt sad and wept every time I tried to cut off the attachment. I tried hard to regain my composure in the time left before the start of a new life.
I became a full-time housewife. I started to make much practice while taking care of children and doing household tasks. Now I am happy to be able to practice every day.
I took part in all the short-term intensive seminar held from April 29 to May 5. This happened in May 2. I was chanting a mantra in my room. My body moved vertically, sideways, and revolved. My roommate said, "The intensity of your motions was like a quake of 4 points (on Richter scale)." It continuously happened for a while after I went home. Now I feel a pleasant shake in meditation and sometimes experience a pleasantly warm feeling in my abdomen.
As to my daily life, I have the feeling of satisfaction and lightness in mind, and enjoy emotional stability.
When I received Shaktipat (Editor's note: injection of the master's divine energy to disciples) in May 1987, Master Asahara said to me, "Real practice starts from now." Since I need to reconcile the practice with family life, I pray everyday that I may keep practicing. I wish to achieve emancipation as soon as I can.

Points of Practice (Comments by Shoko Asahara)

Shakyamuni had a disciple by the name of Maha-Moggalana. One day he saw that new comers were not practicing seriously. To warn. the new comers, he shook the whole training hall with his toes.
At that time he used Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is so strong that it can shake a room easily. Mrs. Komiya is also in the stage in which one can shake a room with Kundalini energy. It is the early stage of Etsu (Ecstacy). So her practice is going well.
The stages of Ki (Satisfaction), Kyoan (Perfect Relaxation), Raku (Perfect Ease and Comfort) ... are waiting for her, which I wrote in the book "Beyond Life and Death." These stages are also hard to pass.

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