What is Devil?

What is Devil?

The outer devil is the sovereign of the Sixth Heaven of the Realm of Desire and he bears the name of Mara. The inner Devil is a tendency of conscious aimed at the fulfilment of mundane desires. Providing us with material comforts, devil conceals from us the Law of Karma and drags us into the Realm of Desire. "And what is the devil? We've got to understand that any desire that derives from the three radical desires which are - greed, anger and ignorance are devils. In other words, all the creatures that awake mundane desires in us are devils. The above relates to the outer devil. And the devil within, the inner devil is a tendancy of our conscious which starts working when the outer devil excites our mundane desires".
(november the 20th 1990, Osaka branch)

"So, what teaching is a contrary to the Thruth? It is a teaching guiding us to a lower realm in our next lives. And the creature having a state of conscious which allows to keep the people in ignorance, binding them to their desires is called the devil".
(april the 29th 1994, Nagoya branch)

"The word "devil" has the same meaning in Christianity as in Buddhism. The devil rules the death and dominates us by the fear of death or, on the contrary he gives us life, joy of life and binds us to our mundane desires. Therefore, from this point of view, material civilization is the civilization created by the devil. So we've got to view contemporary civilization as conquered by the devil".
("The unsolved predictions of Nostradamus", #8)

"The Realm of Desire is ruled by Mara, god of destruction. He is also known as the Devil. He possesses all of the supernatural powers and unbelievably immense desires which he doesn't stop satisfying. He fulfills desires of the other creatures and by so doing controls them. No one can reach the Holy Heaven from the Realm of Desire unless he overcomes the powers of Mara".
(Tathagata Abidamma, book #1)

"What is the devil? In Sanskrit devil is called Mara. Mara leads to destruction in exchange for fulfilment of desires and ties us to the Realm of Desire. That's what Mara is. But why is he trying to keep us in the Realm of Desire? Because Mara is the sovereign of the entire Realm of Desire. But what difference does it make to us whether to follow him or to follow the teaching of Buddah and attain Enlightment? If Mara makes us happy we can follow him. Though his teaching, the teaching of the devil, every single moment satisfies our five sensations, it accounts for our leading a life full of sufferings".
(june the 30th 1991, Osaka branch)

Devil's abode caused by the karma of aggression

(The "Mahayana" magazine article)

Those who used to cause pain to the others by brute force: what kind of devil's abode do these individuals get into? I'd like you to think about it after acquainting yourself with real life examples. There are rather a lot people among the AUM staff who survived major car accidents. All of them say that disasters that had come in showers upon them were not just ill luck, they resulted from their own fault. For example, you look aside for a second and all of a sudden you poke out on the opposite traffic line. There were other cases like that one.
Further, whatever accidents were they all had a similar trait - even if the vehicle was shattered the diver was a survivor or just slightly injured what can be called a miracle in the circumstances.
Milarepa-Taishi's case already described in the "Beyond Life and Death" represents a typical example.
It happened when Milarepa-Taishi was a simple believer before he became the member of the AUM's staff. At the time he worked at the transport department of an enterprise which produced soya milk. Obviously most of the time he was driving. And twice did he smash his cars in the accidents.
Here's what he says about it. When he was driving a car he had a distinct vision of getting into the accident. He was momentarily distracted - and the accident happened in reality.
It's a wonder the car was crashed but he was not even slightly bruised. I think it's worth mentioning that besides Milarepa-Taishi there was also a client of his firm inside the car. But he was not so angry. Moreover, Milarepa-Taishi was not fired though he smashed two cars.
That's what devil's abode is which those who used to cause pain to the others by brute force get into. Since he started practicing as the AUM's believer he was faced with the necessity to settle up the karma he had by that moment. And the devil's abode helped him to cast accounts.
And now let's talk about the origin of such a karma. From the point of view of the common sense there's nothing bad in many young men's doing karate. Nevertheless, martial arts like karate result in rapid accumulation of the karma of causing pain to the others. Besides, in the subconsciousness appear the instincts of destruction and struggle. Since Milarepa-Taishi began practicing in the AUM he had to quickly clean his subconsciousness and destroy his karma. That's why he had successive car accidents. The quickest way to clean your subconsciousness and pay off your karma debts is to actualize your karma in the Realm of Phenomena. By the way, having survived two car accidents Milarepa-Taishi quit his firm, became the AUM's staff member and self-forgetfully plunged into the Selfless Devotion and practice. As a result nowaday Milarepa-Taishi was born. Speaking about the devil's abode you can't call it unambiguously bad or terrible. If you don't lose, if you overcome it - the whole new way will be open to you.
Meantime, Milarepa-Taishi hadn't been long into karate. That's why his devil's abode hadn't been so heavy.
The case of Anglimara-Taishi who had been into kendo for about ten years was more fearful. Driving alongside a river at 60 mph. he lost his grip of the car. His vehicle flew some 30 feet in mid-air and hit the ground. According to the policeman, such accidents don't usually have any survivors. But after all if severely injured he did survive. He karma, as opposed to Milarepa-Taishi's one, was more heavy what resulted in a heavier form of devil's abode.
So, whatever terrible car accidents occurred among those who related to the AUM there were no victims. And the reason is that their practice is based on the Truth and all of them received Shaktipats from me which provided protection for their physical bodies.
Let me give you a little bit more detailed explanation. The proper spiritual practice and my Shaktipats are aimed at the reinforcement of the Element of the Wind and the Element of the Space. The Element of the Wind is the vital energy which reinforces physical body. The Element of the Space reinforces the Astral Realm so that the subconsciousness connected with the Astral Realm can also be quickly cleaned. It makes the development (=actualization) of your karma less heavy.
So, there were no fatalities among those who lead their spiritual practice at the AUM and received Shaktipats from me whatever terrible devil's abode they got into. Basically every person can recover from the devil's abode and gradually advance in his spiritual practice.
And what happens to those self-assured individuals who lead a false spiritual practice when they get into the devil's abode? Besides their inability to protect their physical bodies the development of the phenomena is not loosened - they all come at once. And this, representing a major danger undoubtedly leads to uncorrectable consequences. That's why you always should direct your soul towards the proper spiritual practice.
Should this be the same devil's abode or another one - every one will at least once experience it. In particular I'd like novices steadily leading their every day practice to be well-prepared to the devil's abode. When the devil's abode occurs to you I wish you to put it in the base of your future spiritual growth. Then you too like Milarepa-Taishi or Anglimara-Taishi will be able to spread the Truth actively. And I will also be very glad.

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