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Aeroplat srl is a company that for 20 years has been dedicated specially to the professional pilot training .

Its School of Flight is located in the airport of La Plata city, province of Buenos Aires.


The pilot training is stratified in relation to the aerial practices (measured in Flight hours)

Aeroplat offers the basic course of Private Pilot with a total of 40 flight hours.

Before this first certificated and with 200 hours, the student is ready for obtaining the certificate of Commercial Pilot / HVI.

Certificated for Flying Instructor is obtained before 500 flight hours.

The school counts on two airships for the practices of the students:
- Cessna 172 Pipper and Comanche PA - 24

800 mts of located own hangars in the Airport of La Plata.
It is counted, in addition with classroom.

The Flight School AEROPLAT, is located in the Airport of La Plata city.

This airport is to 7 km of the capital of the province of Buenos Aires and counts on two runways of 2400 asphalt of mts and 1200 mts with nocturnal marking of buoys, VOR, NDB and services of control tower, transport and propellant charge to the estate.

La Plata Airport- 2003

The instructors of Aeroplat have diverse levels of experience and ample availability.

Aerial photography: Aeroplat srl offers the posiblity to obtain aerial photographies for properties, countries, industrial parks, etc. Photographic equipment of high level is used for the different sectors.

Flights Charter: Flights are made charter in all the country. We transferred people and mail.

Contact: elepe3@hotmail.com // Te. (54 221) 486-5000 / 453-6109 / 470-8911

Aeroplat srl Contact: elepe3@hotmail.com // Te. (54 221) 486-5000 / 453-6109 / 470-8911

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