Islam is a religion which first makes its mark on humanity with the “no” of Mohammed, the heir of Abraham, manifestation of the religion of the unity of god and the oneness of mankind. A “no” which begins with the cry of unity, a cry which Islam has reinitiated when confronted by aristocracy and compromise.

The true Islam is that which distinguishes itself and determines its direction in the history of Islam with the “no” of the great Ali, the rightful heir of Mohammed and the manifestation of the Islam of justice and truth, a “no” which he gives to the council for the election of the caliphate in answer to Abdul Rahman, who was the manifestation of Islamic aristocracy and compromise.

The history of Islam follows a strange path: a path in which criminals and tyrants from the Arab, Persian, Turk, Tartar, and Mongol dynasties enjoyed the right of leadership of the Moslem community and the caliphate of the prophet of Islam, only to exclude the family of the prophet and the rightful imams.

True Moslems do not accept the path chosen by history, they negate the leadership which has ruled over history by deceiving the masses. True Moslems rebel against a history, in which in the name of the Koran, kings and emperors, follows the path of ignorance and in the name of tradition, sacrifices the Koran and the traditions.

True Moslems turn their backs on the opulent mosques and magnificent palaces of “Islam” and instead humbly turn to the lonely, mud house of Fatima. The masses represent the oppressed, justice seeking class in the world’s systems, and find in this house, whatever and whoever they have been seeking.

Fatima- She is the heir of the prophet, manifestation of the rights of the oppressed, and at the same time the symbol of the first objection, a strong and clear embodiment of the seeking of justice. Fatima represents the cries of subject nations and the oppressed classes.

Ali- The manifestation of a justice which serves the oppressed, a sublime embodiment of the truth who is sacrificed on the altar of inhumane regimes which hide themselves in the formal robes of statehood and “legitimate” rule.

Hassan- The manifestation of martyrdom, the last resistance of freedom in the face of corruption and illegitimacy in the name of “justice”.

Hussein- Bears witness to those who are martyred by oppression throughout history. The heir of all the leaders of freedom and equality, supreme embodiment of the seekers of justice from Adam to himself. Eternal messenger of martyrdom and the blood of revolution.

Zeinab- Bears witness to all of the defenceless prisoners in the vile system of executioners, the messenger after martyrdom. She is the supreme manifestation of the message of revolution.

In this, the true Islam, we find the rallying point for the demands, pains, and rebellions of the intellectuals seeking to gain their rights and the embodiment of the tribulations and hopes of the oppressed, justice seeking masses. It promotes the idea of revenge and revolt, faith in the ultimate downfall of tyrants through the aggressive mobilization of the masses against the existing conditions.

Because of this, throughout history, as the might of rulers grew, the pressures, injustices, and extortions of the rights of the people grew and the exploitation of farmers increased. Contrasts became more pronounced throughout the systems of aristocracy and capitalism. Class inequalities, inequalities among the sexes, brainwashing, ideological prejudices, the attachment of theologians to temporal rulers, while poverty and deprivation became the destiny of the masses. While due to this, destiny equals power and wealth for the rulers. However, despite the opposition from governments and their concept of religion, people discuss questions which cause fear in the ruling group. They await redemption and freedom from tyranny and participation in the revolt.

It is for this reason that the intellectual must remain the fountainhead of rebellion and the struggle of the downtrodden and oppressed masses. The intellectual must remain as the greatest flow of thought and culture and stand fast against the harsh prejudices and soulless petrifying censorship of the theological and legal system attached to history and the ruling group.