Red Special Guitar Parts
My name is Esteban Anderson (AnderMay in the Red Special community) and here you have pictures of the parts that I manufacture. All the parts are manufactured with great care and attention in the details so the final result is as close to the original as possible.
These parts can be used for your own RS project, they are also available replacement parts for 93' Guild, RS Guitars and Burns copies.

Replica Parts:
*Replica Aluminum Roller Bridge
*Aluminum Replica knobs
*Complete tremelo Unit (arm included)
*Tremelo Arm
*Bhm Star

Burns Replacement Parts:
*Aluminum Replica KnobsUSD
*Tremelo Arm
*Pickup Surrounds

Guild Replacement Parts:
*Aluminum Replica Knobs
*Tremelo Arm
*Pickup Surrounds

For price information you can e-mail me at:
Aluminum Roller Bridge
Aluminum Replica Knobs
Aluminum Roller Bridge (individual blocks)