Gabriel Schebor
Asociacion musical de indias
La rosa purpura del plata
Gabriel Alejandro Schebor

Born in 1965, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
He studied with Graciela Pomponio, Dolores Costoyas and Víctor Villadangos in the Conservatorio Provincial Juan José Castro, in Buenos Aires, where he obtained his Diploma in classical guitar.
After studying in Universidad de Buenos Aires, he obtained his degree as sociologist in 1993.
During the first years of his musical career, he focused mainly on 20th century music.Soon after, in 1994, he gained interest in early music, specializing on lute, theorbo, baroque guitar and thorough bass, becoming the first theorbo player in Argentina.
His continuous relationship with Eduardo Egüez, Dolores Costoyas, and Hopkinson Smith allowed him to support his own research in this field.

From that date, he has been playing theorbo, baroque guitar and lute with leading groups of Argentina, Uruguay and France as Ensemble Louis Berger  (Latin American Baroque), Ensemble Elyma (Latin American Baroque), Quadro Barroco (Baroque Wind Instruments), Ensamble Sine Nomine (XVII Century Music with singers), Viva fiamma (early italian baroque), De Profundis (choir from Uruguay), Affetti Musicali (Baroque Strings), Camerata Bariloche (Chamber Orchestra), Academia Bach de Buenos Aires (Orchestra and Choir), Sociedad Händel (Orchestra and Choir), among others.
In 2000 he founded La Rosa Púrpura del Plata  , a vocal ensemble with basso continuo, devoted to Latin American Baroque, This group focuses on villancicos and religious music in spanish language, coming mainly from Peru and Bolivia.  In 2003 he founded the ensemble “Capilla Antonio Sepp” , devoted to latin american jesuitic baroque music. Conducting this ensemble, he performed “San Ignacio” (an opera sung in spanish, coming from jesuitic missions of Bolivia) and is  planning a tour through the most important jesuitic sites in Argentina for 2004.
As a continuo player, he has performed in concerts and recorded C.D.'s in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Italy, France, Germany, and Switzerland. From 1994 to the present, he had the chance of playing both solo and ensemble music.
As a soloist he played mostly theorbo music but he also gave several lute and baroque guitar recitals. His various appearances in chamber music include soloist parts in works as A.Vivaldi's "Juditha Triumphans", G.F.Händel's "Ode for St.Cecilia's day", J.S.Bach's "St.John's Passion". His abilities as a continuo performer led him to take part in the most important baroque opera performances that Argentina has had.
Beginning from first performances of Latin American Baroque operas such as “Venid deidades” by Esteban Ponce de Leon, “San ignacio” (coming from jesuitic missions of Bolivia) or “San Francisco Xavier” (unique extant example of an opera sung in chiquitos’ indians language) by anonymous  indian composers. Also, the series of “L`Orfeo” by Claudio Monteverdi performed by Ensemble Elyma, conducted by Gabriel Garrido, which took place in Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires in 2001, and had exceptional success. Afterwards  with the same group, he participated in the first audition in South America  of “El robo de Proserpina y la sentencia de Jupiter” , neapolitan (written in spanish) opera by Filippo Coppola (1678).  In 2002 played series of “Les indes galantes” by Jean Phillippe Rameau performed by Ensemble Elyma, conducted by Gabriel Garrido, which took place in Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires with exceptional success.
He is working in opera productions together with “Ensamble De Profundis” ( in order to present “Intermezzi de La Pellegrina” in Uruguay, december 2004 and various projects on latin american opera and zarzuela from Cusco, Peru;  for 2005.
Solo programs:
-Alessandro Piccinini (1566-1638) "Intavolatura di liuto et chitarrone" Selected pieces from this important virtuoso lute and theorbo player. Chitarrone by Klaus Jacobsen (1997),10 course lute by Ivo Magherini
-Two faces of chitarrone music: J.H.Kapsperger (1571-1651) and Robert de Visée (165-1725). Selected pieces of this outstanding authors. Chitarrone Klaus Jacobsen (1997)
-XVII's Century lute music in Italy and France. Music for lute and arciliuto from J.H.Kapsperger, A.Piccinini, S.Molinaro, R.Ballard, A.Francisque. 10 course lute: Ivo Magherini (1998)
-XVII’s century music from Mexico and Spain, for baroque guitar, Works from Santiago de Murcia, Francesc Guerau, Gaspar Sanz, Ruiz de Ribayaz and anonymous. Baroque guitar: Juan Muzio (2000)

-"Via Crucis" Programatic work by Amanda Guerreño, recorded by "Limay" in 1990 and presented in Germany, Switzerland and France in 1992 according with 500th anniversary of America. Edited by Misereor (Germany).
-"Sergio Parotti-Gabriel Adamo" , Sonata No3 for guitar -world premiere-, included in this work from this authors, born in Buenos Aires in 1956 and 1955. Buenos Aires, 1995. Label: I.R.C.O. Nº202.
-"Musique Baroque à la Royale Audience de Charcas" , 17th century music from Bolivia and Peru -world premiere-. Ensamble Elyma, Ensamble Louis Berger, Capilla Cisplatina, Coro Juvenil de la Fundación Pro Arte de Córdoba.Conductor: Gabriel Garrido. Recorded in Concepción, Bolivia in 1996. Label: K 617 (France) K617064. Diapason 5
-"San Ignacio, l'Opéra perdu des missions jésuites de l'Amazonie" , Music from Jesuitic Missions of Chiquitos and Moxos, Bolivia -world premiere-. Ensamble Elyma, Ensamble Louis Berger, Capilla Cisplatina, Coro Juvenild e la Fundación Pro Arte de Córdoba. Conductor: Gabriel Garrido. Recorded in Concepción, Bolivia in 1996. Label: K 617 (France) K617065 Diapason 5
-"Recitar Cantando" , Music of Claudio Monteverdi. Coro Polifónico de Santa Fé and instrumental. Conductor: Sergio Siminovich. Recorded in Santa Fé in 1996. Label : Melopea (Argentina) CDMPV 1141
-"Harmonia Caelestis" Sacred music collection of the Prince Pál Esterházy (Hungary 1653-1713). Vocal soloists, Coral Hungaria de Buenos Aires, baroque orchestra leaded by Manfred Krämer. Conductor: Sylvia Leidemann. Recorded in Buenos Aires, 1997. Label: CD Radio Clásica CDC0012.
-"Por unos puertos", Spanish and Italian renaissance, Latin American baroque. Grupo Vocal Aimé, vocal soloists, Consorts of viols, recorders,and sackbutts, instrumental soloists in period instruments. Conductor: Diego Lacunza. Recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1997. Private production-edition.
-"Ode for St.Cecilia's Day" Works of G.F. Händel (Ode for St.Cecilia's Day) and D.Buxtehude (Das Neugebor'ne Kindelein). Coral del Siglo XXI, Alceste Chamber Orchestra, instrumental soloists (solo for theorbo and flute), and vocal soloists.Conductor: Guillermo Dorá. Recorded live in Buenos Aires, 1998. Private production-edition.
-"Vêpres Solemnelles de Saint-Jean Baptiste" Latin American baroque music of Roque Ceruti (1685-1760)-world premiere-. Ensemble Louis Berger, Ensemble Elyma, Coro de Niños Cantores de Córdoba. Conductor: Gabriel Garrido. Recorded in Concepción, Bolivia, 1998. Label K617 (France), K617089.
-"Missa de Lima-Venid Deidades" 18th century music in Italian style music from Alto Perú . Works by Roque Ceruti, Esteban Ponce de León, José de Orejón y Aparicio -world premiere- . Ensamble Louis Berger. Conductor: Ricardo Massun. Recorded in Sarrebourg, France, 1999. Released january 2000. Label K617 (France), K617103.
-“Mission San Francisco Xavier”  Latin American Baroque opera and mass. Music by anonymous indian composers of Bolivia. First recording of an opera in Chiquitan language. Ensemble Louis Berger, Ensemble Elyma, Coro de Niños Cantores de Córdoba. Conductor: Gabriel Garrido. Recorded in San Javier, Bolivia, 2000. Label K617 (France), K617111
-“Reliquia” Latin American Baroque works by Tomás Torrejón y Velasco, Roque de Chavarría, Juan de Araujo, and others. Grupo Vocal Contrapunto, with members of Ensamble Louis Berger, conducted by Piotr Nawrot. Recorded in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 2000.
-“El amor, las penas y las sombras” Music and poetry in Peru and Mexico in XVII century. First reconstruction of the songs contained in “Codice Zuola”, and works for baroque guitar from “Codice Saldivar 4” and “M.S. 1560“ of Biblioteca Nacional de Mexico. La Rosa Púrpura del Plata conducted by Bárbara Kusa (soprano) and Gabriel Schebor (baroque guitar and vihuela). Recorded in 2001 in Buenos Aires. Label: Voice of lyrics (France) VOL BL 701.

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