Lee Caroll

When the planet Earth reaches a time of dimensional displacement and change, it is important to remember that one of the forms with which the source shares its love it is offering information to us coming from superior intelligences, causing that the teachers incarnate themselves. Another way consists of causing that the teachers enter critical moment through a loving channel, which can be trusted not to badly misinterpret, to alter or to use this necessary support. Thus, the data obtained in critical moment helps us in the understanding, as well as in the task amusingly of carrying out the personal adjustments and naturalness.

The messages of Kryon that are received in these “times of change” are intellectually stimulating, and they are expressed of a very beautiful way with an unconditional love. Several channels of tuning with Kryon exist. You can be a Channel of Kryon, will feel like plenty of your loving energy when she knows it.

Kryon speaks directly to the human beings of the world through canalizations, and seems to be related to which it happens to us right now to personal level.

It repeatedly says that there is to remain quiet and to write, not to complain reason why it is obtained…, and not to worry reason why others they can say (Kryon is very direct practitioner and). The experience with Kryon is very unusual.

Kryon wishes to speak on the other side of the veil, on whom he is, so that it is here, and also a little about so that it comes to us, on the Earth. It does not like that they assign a sort to him. Kryon has a recurrent subject and transmits the following and repeated message, that is very important: “The love is the most powerful force of all the Universe. It is like the glue that will connect our beliefs, instead of the doctrine that does for the other systems. The love is not being recognized by the power that it has, and is not being used either it correctly”. As these Canalizations are developed, its life will be less complicated and will be able to enjoy it widely.

Kryon wishes that You write for the current people, does not stop those that have comprised of the movement of the “New Era” during many years. It warned, already from a principle, that it tried to make possible simplest and direct the process, and has offered good methods to do it thus. Who have been participating in the movement for many years, they will not have any problem with this class of writing, but Kryon says that some resistance on the part of those who has been knowing it for some time, due to the appearance of new interpretations can take place. It seems to be that we entered a time which the information is much more going to be clear. In the past there was enough information that, although had the correct impulse, did not handle the suitable data.

And now, it knows Kryon.


Segúna Lee Carroll

I am Kryon. Each one of you is wanted very tenderly! If you have arrived at the point in which she is reading this communication, she will be in the correct place and the suitable moment. Him request that continues. I am going to speak to him directly to you.

I speak to him as directly to you as it is possible to me, but I cannot use the language as you know it, so that the true words must be translated through their mind. My communications are, in fact, independent of any language. I speak to him to you in “packages of thought” and “groups of ideas”, translated to the words that you use habitually, so that she can include/understand them.

The name of my package of energy (that is different from the one from my package of energy of communications) is made up of three parts:

1) TONE: it is what you perceive like sound, but that here, is perceived of a nonauditory form;

2) FREQUENCY DE LUZ: it is what you perceive like light and color.

3) IT FORMS: it is what you perceive as you form and drawings. That appears singularly like a package, and it is perceived of a way that in this occasion is not important for you. Most of my package of name is outside the reach of anyone of its human senses.

This is something very difficult to explain. It would be as to try to explain the colors to a blind person. You do not have the receivers that would provide the understanding to him about how I am perceived, and thus is as it would have to be.

He is very interesting for me who all those humans who have been “in contact with the enemy” with this side of the veil for years, have still not unified east package of energy. Its design of implants restrictive is the true person in charge of its form of bidimensional reasoning, but who they have balance already has been able to combine this previously. Is the moment for beginning! You have numerous ilustrativos writings on the meaning of color, light, sound and design of forms, and recognize you your meaning. But you must think three-dimensionally about these things, and combine them so that they are truely significant. For many of you, these subjects, separately, only seem loose knowledge, and they feel passively interested in them. But when they are combined and one begins to work with them, they will be animated with the energy.

Thus it is as Kryon works, with canalizations that you will learn to interpret and to be means of aid for all the humanity.


The course consists of the manual with all the instructions to learn and to practice. Manual it we can send by email or form and by traditional mail but Diploma and the credential must travel by traditional mail.