For more than one decade, he has been listened to on the part of adults, observations in relation to new children, different, more evolved.

The commentaries about babies and children just arrived at the life with a different luminosity in the eyes that, as they grow, show extended faculties to adapt quickly to the vertigo of the technology, are multiplied in geometric form.

Almost all the adults of today know, they know of, or they have listened to speak to which he has a son with surprising characteristics; that it incorporates knowledge in instantaneous form, that anticipates episodes to come, that seem to communicate with an implicit code, insondable, extending habitual the infantile languages.

Although still it cannot be spoken of a massive phenomenon, the amount of isolated cases - but with similar characteristics that appear in different points from the planet, they indicate a certainty: what it seems extraordinary in some children tends to become natural in the majority.

Not only many parents have noticed it: also masterful and pediatras perceives that the new generations “come with something different”; more prepared for the particular time that touches to them, with certain knowledge of other realities, one more a more elastic mentality and a revealing capacity to interact by means of new guidelines before the world and its resemblances.

The Dawn of color índigo is only one of the characteristics of these children to those who have assigned to diverse ways of identification or denominations to them: Stellar, Young children special, Young of light, Children of the New Era, New children, nazarenos or acuarianos Children, Dark blue children, Millenium children, among others.

The appearance of this “new generation” began to be registered by different observers from 1970. As of the Nineties testimonies have been increased about the presence of children índigo anywhere in the world. According to estimations of those same observers, 80% of the present children would shelter the rated powers to a boy índigo, although in many cases, latent form.

In that context, the investigators recommend to parents and educators to set out a new glance. The amplitude and understanding necessary to recognize new children who bring so particular qualities to the world, finally sandal much more that to a certain group. The attributes that arrive with them affect the humanity as a whole, impelling a evolution of the species, an opening to the spiritual thing, a global reformulation of the values, in the measurement in which they are the adults of the future.

The voices that maintain and disclose their presence, assure, within the framework of the idea of the reincarnation, that these new children do not carry pending or residual learnings of previous lives and that some will come without no karma.

They have a “high intellectual coefficient” - to start off of tests made combined with a “enormous creative capacity”, theoretically endorsed, as well, by a greater use of the right hemisphere of the brain.

“To the majority he enchants to handle computers to them, learn to even use them without aid, solving, if he allows himself them, the operative disadvantages whereupon often we encountered the adults”.

The following testimony exemplifies the mental strategy of a boy índigo: in class of mathematics the teacher writes numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in the slate and asks: which of those numbers is divisible by two? The answer of the boy at issue is all.

This real episode - that the cinema exposed in the film Minds that shine, directed by Jodie Foster- sets the standard of how they face they the knowledge: from a free perspective of methodical fastenings, intermediate steps or logistic redundancy.

Other characteristics that define to the children índigo according to the existing relevamientos:

• Abordan the executive processes of the technology and the thought in general with intuitive skill: they go to the essential.

• Tienen a great energy and is untiring (some sleep very few hours) trying extra time to incorporate knowledge, according to assure that treat them frequently.

• Is comprehensive when they receive explanations and they are rebelled before the simple originating authoritarianism of its parents, their educators or the society in general.

• Rechazan the excessively elaborated meat of any animal and foods.

• Comprenden more quickly than other children of its age the traps of the consumption and the fashions.

Frequently índigo like hyperactive is diagnosed to the children. Although institutionally neither the medicine nor psychology have seted out to decodificar the indications in form shows and systematics, exist, yes, diagnoses made on the part of common psychiatry, that they seem to bear an intimate relation to the aptitudes attributed to the children índigo.

Thus, when speaking of special, hyperactive children, with particularitities like which we come commenting, they arise in the psychiatric panorama, two abbreviations: ADD (Attention Déficit Desorder) or upheaval of deficiency of attention and ADHD (Attention Déficit Hyperactive Disorder) or upheaval of deficiency of attention with hyperactivity.

ADD and ADHD usually accompany the evolutionary development by the children índigo, causing difficulties to them, particularly in the formal scholastic scope, where the methodologic linearity reigns (gold rule for the present educative model) that to them as much costs to them to follow.

The certain thing is that, even within the framework of this syndrome, the children índigo yes pay attention, but only to what interests to them, from which they are able to skip conventional methodologic instances and to deepen with self-taught agility. Thus, when a motivation impels them, he is frequent that takes only one part from the problem and gets to solve it with the fullness.

The humanity must learn like dealing with to the race the future. The parents must know more on them. In this course you will learn to treat them, to guide the parents, to understand them and mainly to know everything with respect to the Indigo Children. You will be the person to whom those will go all that in their houses has some Indigo Boy and you will know to help them, to improve them, to guide them and to do the pursuit to him of education for all your future.


The course consists of the manual with all the instructions to learn and to practice. Manual it we can send by email or form and by traditional mail but Diploma and the credential must travel by traditional mail.