Qi talks about to the “vital breath” the energy that animates to all the universe and in individual to the man. Gong talks about the “work”. Qi Gong (Chi Kung) means the work on the vital energy.

The Chi Kung drift of known older techniques like Dao Yin. The Qigong term is relatively recent, not fué used in its present sense until the past century XX.  At first it designated his martial use (1915, 1929). It is not until 1936 that is used to designate its therapeutic application in the specific Therapeutic work for the tuberculosis: the Chi Kung de Dong Hao, published in Hangzhou. In December of 1955, the Chinese ministry of the health officially recognized the therapeutic interest of the Chi Kung and recommended its practice.

At the present time the term Chi Kung is used (Qi Gong) to talk about to multiple exercises destined to develop force (physical, power, mental or spiritual) or to therapeutic aims, by means of the mobilization of the human energy (Qi).

The exercises of Chi Kung that practice as complement to the Tai Chi Chuan, usually are smooth, although an intense work is made. The breathing and the meditation are combined with. They activate the metabolism without danger although he is not recommendable to practice them without the instruction of a qualified person.

By his immediate effects (ventilation, euphoria) it gives the sensation of which it is an exercise of similar effects to which we waited for the western ones although in fact the looked for effects are more complex and less apparent in the short term.

“Using the mind, the breathing and the movements of the body, the Chi Kung, it activates the circulation of the energy through the meridians, fortifies the internal organs, it exercises the bones, the joints and the muscles, it promotes the relaxation and the control of stress, prevents occupational injuries and expands the conscience in all the levels.”

The practice of the Chi Kung supposes to regulate the body, to regulate the breathing, to regulate the mind, to regulate the essence, to regulate the breath, and to regulate the spirit.

That is to say:

To improve the state of the body and its endurance. To release of blockades the circulation of the Chi for which the relaxation is necessary. The relaxation depends mutually on the body, the breathing and the emotional mind (Hsin). To increase the level of Chi, for which there is to take care of of the essence and its transformation, to which contributes the spirit. To distribute the Chi where it is necessary directing it by means of Yi (the mind will)

Some types of Qi gong

Wu Qin Xi

The creator of the game of the five animals (wuqinxi) fué the doctor Hua Tuo of end of the dynasty Has of the East (years 125 - 220). These exercises are inspired by very old chamánicas practices of ritual character and soldier. Later the five elements and their correspondence with the different organs were related to.

Hua Tuo wrote:

“The human body needs to work and to move, but he is not advisable to exceed his limits. The movement and the muscular work contribute to evacuate the excess of gases, cause that she is fluid the sanguineous circulation and make possible a certain general immunity front to the diseases. This is: like the axis of the door that never rots to be in constant movement. The wise ancestors teach to us that one can reach the longevity if moves as the bear and the eagle do in the nature”.

“When you feel some physical annoyance, he begins to practice the gymnastics of the five animals or the one of one of the five and you do not let do it until breaking to sweat, so that the face shines to you and your appetite awakes”.

The exercises of the Five Animals combine the mind, the figure and the breathing. In these exercises a total and complete integration of mind is necessary, spirit, body, breathing and movement. The movements have to be agile, spontaneous and flexible. It is necessary to breathe of deep and rythmical way in agreement with the movements and to act with the spirit of the animal whose movement is made.


The Tiger with its shining eyes, runs by jumps or turns the body as quickly as the lightning, showing its powerful claws; the Red deer, in as much, obedient bellwether and, moves with firmness and agility when running or to remain quiet, with as much grace that one is impelled to love it; the Monkey travieso, either climbs to a tree to gather fruits, or watches for there or here, showing an almost human intelligence; the Bear, fat person, are an animal that seems clumsy but night watchman, and nevertheless its movements cause that one gets rid of preoccupations and its torácica box expands; the Grulla that extends the wings, is arranged to take the flight, once reaches the sky lets see itself, hidden after clouds, to later appear among them as a figure of the some celestial God.

There are different series from exercises corresponding to the game of the Five Animals with variants, as there have been different schools and families in whom it has been developed and transmitted this practice throughout the centuries. As well as these techniques, there are many include/understand the Qi Gong.

You will learn with this course, all the millenarian secrets of the Eastern techniques and she will as much remove all the benefit to him from the exercises of movements, breathing and application for its health and the one of the others.


The course consists of the manual with all the instructions to learn and to practice. Manual it we can send by email or form and by traditional mail but Diploma and the credential must travel by traditional mail.