Curso de Photoshop 6.0

37 Botón 3D

Step 1

Open a new document, and create a new layer.

Step 2

Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool draw a square selection.

Step 3

Now select the Angle Gradient Tool and fill the selection using white as the foreground and black as the background.

Step 4

Now go to Select> Modify> Contract and contract the selection by 2 pixels, and fill that selection with dark grey, and press (Ctrl+D) to deselect.

Step 5

Once again select the Rectangular Marquee and draw a selection on your image as shown.

Step 6

Now press the Shift+Ctrl+Alt key together and using your right arrow key drag the image towards the right.

Step 7

You can now use the Layer> Effects to give various effects to your button.

Espero que les sirva de algo la ayudita