Curso de Paint Shop Pro (PSP)

15 Reflejos y Cromo

Step 1

Create a new image, 200 x 100, 64M colours. With the Fill tool, select Fill Pattern, Choose a pattern you like, or try one of the two below . Fill the whole image with the pattern.

Step 2

Now set up some text, preferably large and chunky. This is a font called Julius. Apply the font, and go straight to Selections menu. Select Save to Alpha Channel, save it away

Step 3

Use Ctrl-Z to clear the text. Then use Selections, Load from Alpha Channel to restore your font shaped selection. Select Feather (Ctrl-H) to 2 pixels. Then select Float (Ctrl-F). You can now proceed with the standard Cutout sequence

Step 4

Now it may not be obvious what's going on yet, so cut (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) into a new document. And you will probably want to apply a Sharpen More.

Step 5

Convert to greyscale, then sharpen to taste.

Espero que les sirva de algo la ayudita