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My little history!

Hello! I appear, am Dancomosh my real name is Daniel, from Argentina, Santa Fe! (Latin americ). From this place they can know my creations, ideas and madnesses that me it has motivated for approximately various years behind by the title that more I admire: QUAKE!...

Quake is a great engine of ideas and has allowed to discover new horizons me, I am a lover of the graph, drawing, design, and together they are a "perfect merger " for my. Always I said this " Quake does school ", this way from my first ones steps in mapping, then I skins's design, I risk in programming QC, also to shaping 3d... A new weapon, a new sound, finally a mod!! Quite(everything) it without "devotion" is not possible.

But a tragic moment I happen in my creative evolution, where good part of my material (of these mentioned ones) with them of my studies were eliminated and lost by the flood of April 29, 2003. It was a hard gap, the littles material I could rescue joined to my PC...

My desire to return to begin I come specially from the day of 8 PlanetQuake's anniversary!, on October 15 2004. Participant of his contest of wallpapers to greet these people 100 % QUAKE!... And I was selected in 2 Place with congratulations of PAPPY-R! (It is fantastic, Yes, Great!. I feel the "quaddamage" in my hands!! )

Since then, this place symbolizes many things for my, to continue and to improve my creative madness, a new Future with many good innovations, more frags! And much QUAKE!

Thank you for visiting this Website!

: // BioData

Name: Daniel L. Conde
Age: 28
Country/City: Argentina/Santa Fe
Studies: Primary and Secondary Complete.
Graphical design / National University of the Litoral - UNL.
Artistic drawing, Plastic arts, Technical drawing. Graph. Illustration. Design 2D-3D. Webmaster (code - graph)

E-mail: dancomosh@hotmail.com

Dancomosh Website: Idea, Author and Producer of every material here published, creations independent. Initiated: November 23, 2004.

: // Gratefulnesses:
To the permanent support of My Family and relatives, who always encourage me: P, Marisa, Jessy, to the llittle Maxi, and to my M that always accompanies me from the sky...

To the friends who somehow passed in these years (my old QDrome team): Alejandro Ordoez, Victor B. Romero, Mauricio Pereyra, Sebastian Benitez, Franco Murua.

To a Quakegirl that always leans me Maria Jose Ordoez.
To the support and traductions of Laura Molina (sometimes :P ).

To ID SOFTWARE, The indisputable Teachers, for QUAKE create the best titles of the all times. And to permit to develop our madnesses in them.
To Planet Quake, the best community of the planet!

To the People of Geocities for this service. And principally To God...

Planetquake! GO!

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