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Pulverized was born as project band in June of the 2001 being the Line-Up, Alfonso Artgore. former Vocalist of the Grind Band Pyphomgertum, and Marko Bassist/Vocalist of Prohibitory.

Being for commitments with Prohibitory, a delay causes in the recording of the Demo "Murderous Desire for a non Innocent Flesh", so Pulverized is during some alone months in Rehearsals, and it is not up to December 28 of 2001, after the break with Prohibitory that Pulverized becomes a Formal Band, integrated by musicians experienced in the underground scene: In the Guitar and Background Vocals, Javier "Frodo" Sánchez, coming from one of the most cruel bands that never existed in Mexico... Goretrocity, in the other Guitar, Ivan Rueda which was militating in the Lines of Prohibitory, in the Battery Humerto Valverde excellent grindblaster who already demonstrated it in his previous band "Morbium", and in the Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar, Marko Guevara.

We are now just waiting the release of our First Cd by The Art of Murder Records the title is "Spheres of Depraved Philosophy" and will be released on August.

In the art Direction Alfonso "ARTGORE" Ruiz who is well known worldwide in the Underground by his paintings for the Colombian magazine "Foeticide" also for the NorthAmerican labels Ablated Records, Forever Underground Records, United Guttural and in the Front covers of different bands like Pyphomgertum (Mex), Cenotaph(mex), Disgorge(mex), Lividity(usa), Morgue(fra), Prohibitory(mex), Vampiric Motives(Jap), Putrilage(usa), Leukohrrea(usa), Regurgitation(usa), among others.

P.O. BOX 33-015
15902 MEXICO, D.F.


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