My name is Fabiana. My lastname is Kim.

Iīm 19 years old.

I like chess too much, i play everydays in yahoo.

I like read and paint too much, see my pictures, down.

I speak a few english. If u want know me write an e-mail

or send me a message to My BooK

Thanks for your visit.



Itīs me

I like the roses, whenever a boy brings to me :)


My Pictures

My Loves : Design and paint.

I want to be a famous designer of clothes or famous webmaster.


The End


http://www.nobel.se --->nobelīs page

http://www.yahoo.com --->come on, play chess with me.

http://www.oocities.org/ar/kimfabiana/index.htm ---> my page in spanish

http://www.oocities.org/ar/serafina_angela_kim/index.htm --->my sisterīs page