Mark McKinney ( 28 pictures) click on thumbnails to see large size.

Kid mark.gif (29807 bytes)

Kid in the Hall promo, pic nē1

season4.gif (80763 bytes)

4ē season opening credits, pic nē2

CutestMark.jpg (11965 bytes)

Mark cute, pic nē 3

Mark in Rolling Stone.jpg (25334 bytes)

Great black and white photo, pic nē4

darril.jpg (27492 bytes)

Mark as Darrill, pic nē5

markdirt.jpg (9885 bytes)

Mark from Dirt magazine, pic nē6

markgq.jpg (39683 bytes)

Mark as a gentelman, pic nē7

marknsanta.jpg (10398 bytes)

Young Mark and Santa, pic nē8

tub.jpg (7944 bytes)

Mark on a tub, pic nē9 ( those little yellow rubberducks always present)

markwall.jpg (13675 bytes)

Mark standing outside, pic nē10

oldkith.jpg (30333 bytes)

Very youngs Mark and Bruce, pic nē11

season1_2.jpg (24288 bytes)

Opening credits for season 1, pic nē12

markshoe.jpg (33415 bytes)

Mark talking and looking relax, pic nē 13

markjim.jpg (16885 bytes)

Jim Carrey as Jimmy Stewart and Mark as Jim Carrey on SNL sketch The Joe Pesci Show, pic nē14

mckinneySNL0.jpg (12319 bytes)

Mark and Molly Shannon on SNL sketch, pic nē 15

mckinneySNL1.jpg (10845 bytes)

Mark as Melanie with Chris Elliot on SNL sketch, pic nē 16

4_5.jpg (19279 bytes)

Mark on Toothpaste project, pic nē 17

mark2s.jpg (12223 bytes)

Mark on Fully Commited play 2002 promo photo, pic nē 18

Copia de Fully20Committed.jpg (43211 bytes)

Mark on Fully Committed play, promo pic 2003, pic nē 19

310d.jpg (10052 bytes)

Mark and Vheri Oteri on Strangers with Candy, pic nē 20

Isabella and Mark(10380 bytes)

Isabella Rossellini and Mark on The Saddest Music in the World film, pic nē 21

6M.jpg (32890 bytes)

Mark on First Season DVD chat, pic nē 22

banker Mark.jpg (72556 bytes)

Mark on KITH sketch, pic nē23

PBmelanie2cpr.jpg (14245 bytes)

Mark as Melanie and Scott, pic nē 24

AR-mark_mckinney.jpg (18117 bytes)

Mark candid, pic nē 25

mark0.jpg (14920 bytes)

Mark really cute, pic nē 26

markwifemarina.jpg (41870 bytes)

Mark and wife Marina, pic nē 27


scottsigningmark.jpg (16953 bytes)

Mark´s coat being signed by Scott, pic nē 28


  Pic nē 6 by Nix.  Pics nē: 21,22 and 26 by Kids in the Hall 2000. Pic nē  20 by Tony. Pic nē 24 by Paul Bellini and 2/5 kith, Pic nē 17 by Toothpaste official page, Pic nē 19 from Arts Club Theatre Company and thanks to most of KITH fan sites for the rest of the pics. Music: Dyvilins: I touch myslef.

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