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To make a bad day worse spend it wishing for the impossible




Welcome to Mad with the Power and the Opium dreams, my personal site where you can find my kiss dolls, draws, photo manipulation and photography. All the stuff I usually do to kill time and now I find it interesting to put in here =)
I hope you enjoy you stay here and if you have any comments or something you want to share with this site (like a picture or a piece of your work) please e-mail me… and sign the guestbook =)!

.+Chebu+. (I know you hate when I call you this way) special and infinite thanks for your love and help in the design of this page. ^_^


12/08/03- I'm trying to finish the Gloomcookie set, but it seems to be an impossible job… try to wait please. Meanwhile… see the new pictures =) there're some creepy ones!. And check out my deviant page

08/08/03- Hi! I've been busy these past weeks, but I'm here again!. First, thanks to Lucy for signing my guestbook. Second, I couldn't finish my doll and don't you even ask how it is going on… and the last thing I have to say is that there're new photos! Yeah, a city tour, with a car crash too…

17/07/03- Chrys and Sebastian (from Gloomcookie) doll is coming... just wait... and more pictures too... in a week a guess (the pics). And thanks to Miss Psycho, Drowning* Girl, Amon, Bruno and Chebu for signing the guestbook. Please you don't need to be my friend to sign it so... do it! =)

06/07/03- I'm done! It end up being a very minimalist look cause I didn't want to mix lots of colors… I like it anyways… the background is a Brigit Riley's painting… and the quote is from Calvin and Hobbes

02/07/03- This is almost ready!. I made the banner today and the only thing is missing is to choose the colors. But I'm going to do that tomorrow, with Sebastian, he is my assessor.
30/06/03- Big update! I'm changing the appearance of the site. I'm kind of sad because I love the way it used to look, but is necessary… I need space!. Besides I won't modify everything so I guess I won't miss the old version so much.