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Backstreet Boys

-All I have to give (origen: Japones)

.All I have to give (Radio version)/Everyody (7´´ version)/I´ll never break your heart (Radio edit)/As long as you love me(Radio version)/Everybody (Instrumental)/I´ll never break your heart (Instrumental)/As long as you love me (Peppermint Jam Remix)

-Live, Rare & Remixes vol.1

.Get Down (you´re the one for me)(Dezign Radio I)/I´ll never break your heart (Radio edit)/Nobody but you (live)/Boy will be boys(live)/Nobody but you(Long version)/Quit playin games (with my heart)(Acoustic version)/Get Down (you´re the one for me)(Live)/We´ve got it goin on(Hula´s house mix)/Anywhere for you(Spanish version)/I wanna be with you(Live)/Quit playin games (with my heart)(Video version)/Get Down (you´re the one for me)(Dezign Dub Radio Edit)/Heaven (live)/Tell me that I´m dreaming.

-Live, Rare & Remixes vol.2

.Get Down (you´re the one for me)(Markus Plastik Vocal)/As long as you love me (Live)/Everybody(Backstreet´s Back)(Multiman Remix)/As long as you love me(Radio version)/I´ll never break your heart(A capella)/All I have to give(Unplugged)/Everybody(Backstreet´s Back)(Matty´s remix)/All I have to give(Part2-The conversation mix)/If I don´t have you-I´ll never break your heart(unplugged)/Get Down(you´re the one for me)(CL Vocal Journey Radio edit)/We´ve got it goin on(Live)/Quit playin games (with my heart)(Video version)/I´ll never break your heart(Live)/Every time I close my eyes/As long as you love me(Peppermint Jam Remix)/Quit playin games (with my heart)(E-Smoove Vocal Mix)/Everybody (Backstreet´s Back)(Funked up mix).  

:.Cassettes de Audio.:

-Concierto en Argentina y entrevista (FM HIT)(28/04/01): Everyone/Larger than life/Presentacion/Shining star/More than that/I want it that way/Show me the meaning of being lonely/Quit playing games/As long as you love me/Nunca te hare llorar/I promise you (with everything I am)/How did I fall in love with you/All I have to give/If you stay/Everybody/The call/Shape of my heart/ENTREVISTA CON BRIAN Y A.J.

-4 cassettes con 4 especiales de kevin, nick, aj y brian:

kevin: biografia, canciones, conferencia de prensa, Entrevista a Donna Wright, Entrevista a Doc H., Entrevista a Lou Pearlman

Nick: biografia, canciones, Entrevista a Jane Carter, Conferencia de prensa en Sea World, Entrevista a Aaron Carter

AJ: Biografia, canciones, Entrevista a Donna Wright, Saludo de A.J., Entrevista a Doc, Entrevista a Lou Pearlman, conferencia de prensa

Brok: biografia, canciones, Entrevista a Lou Pearlman, Conferencia de prensa, Entrevista a Donna Wright.  



Nota: Uno de los libros y una de las revistas que no aparecen son porque no las pude subir a la página, el que este interesado se lo puedo enviar por mail.

Medidas: 21 x 30 cm.

Páginas: 64

Contenido: Historia, Datos de cada Boy y mas de 60 fotos.

Medidas: 25 x 34 cm.

Páginas: 35

Contenido: Fotos Europeas, Historia.




-Nick (Capital FM 27.10.02 - 1° parte)

-Nick (Capital FM 27.10.02 - 2° parte)

-Nick (Capital FM 27.10.02 - 3° parte)

-Nick (Capital FM 27.10.02 - 4° parte)

-Nick (Capital FM 27.10.02 - 5° parte)

-Nick (Capital FM 27.10.02 - 6° parte)

-Nick (Capital FM 27.10.02 - 7° parte)

-Nick (Capital FM 27.10.02 - 8° parte)

-Nick (Capital FM 27.10.02 - 9° parte)


.Forever Rebel/Rockstar Baby/Payback/Shout/Don´t walk away/Turn the page cover (Live in Marathon)/My confession (live in Viva TV) (Nick Carter)/Nick cantando el himno Norteamericano/I got you (Live in Cleveland, Ohio)/Help me (Live Acoustic)/Entrevista a Nick en Toronto, Canada/She wants me (Nick & Aaron).