Backstreet Boys

-We´ve got it goin on (origen: UK)

.We´ve got it goin on (Radio Edit)/We´ve got it goin on(Hula´s House Mix)/Get Down(you´re the one for me)(Smokin´ Beats Club Mix)/Tell me that I´m dreaming.

-Anywhere for you(Part two of a two part cd set)(origen:USA)

.Anywhere for you/Let´s have a party/We´ve got it goin on (Amadin Club Mix)

-Get Down (you´re the one for me)(origen: UK)

.Get Down(you´re the one for me)(Lp Edit – no rap)/Get Down(you´re the one for me)(DEZIGN Radio I)/Get Down(you´re the one for me)(CL Vocal Journey Radio Edit)/Get Down(you´re the one for me)(Markus Plastik Vocal Radio Edit)/Get Down(you´re the one for me)(DEZIGN Club Radio Edit).

-Quit playin games (with my heart) (origen: USA)

.Quit playin games(with my heart)(Video Version)/Nobody but you(Long Version)/Give me your heart(Previously Unreleased)/Quit playin games(with my heart)(Acoustic Version).

-As long as you love me (The Remixes) (origen: Alemania)

.Radio version/Unplugged version/Matty´s R&B Mix/Matty´s House (Dee Zee AH)/Soul Solution Club Mix/Every time I close my eyes.

-As long as you love me (origen: Holanda)

.As long as you love me(Radio Version)/Quit playin games(with my heart)(E-Smoove Vocal Mix)/Everybody(Backstreet´s Back)(Funked Up Mix)/Every time I close my eyes.

-Larger than life (origen: Australia)

.Larger than life(The Video Mix)/Larger than life(The Video Mix)-Instrumental/If you knew what I knew.

-I want it that way (origen: Argentina)

.I want it that way/My heart stays with you/I´ll be there for you.

-The call (origen: USA)

.The call(Album Version)/Shape of my heart(Soul Solution Radio Mix)/Shape of my heart(Soul Solution Club Mix).

-More than that (origen: Italia)

.More than that(Radio Mix)/More than that(Album Version)/The call(Neptunes Remix With Rap)/More than that(Hani Mixshow Remix)/More than that(Enhanced video).

-Shape of my heart (origen: Argentina)

.Shape of my heart/All I have to give(a capella)/The one(Jack D. Elliot Radio Mix).

-All I have to give (origen: USA) (Portada: foto tridimensional)

.All I have to give (Radio Version)/Quit playin´ games (with my heart) (Live version)/All I have to give (Part II – The conversation mix)/As long as you love me (Peppermint Jam Remix)

-I´ll never break your heart (origen: USA)

.I´ll never break your heart (LP Version)/I´ll never break your heart – Nunca te hare llorar (Spanish version)/Quit playing games (with my heart) (Live version: Festhalle Frankfurt, Alemania)  

-I want it that way <The Remixes> (origen: USA)

.I want it that way (Album version)/I want it that way (Morales Club version)/I want it that way (The wunder dub)/I want it that way (jazzy jim vocal mix)

-All I have to give (Contains Hot New Uptempo Remixes) (Origen: USA)

.Album Version/Part II – The conversation Mix)/Davidson Ospina Radio Mix/Soul Solution Radio Mix/Quit playin games (with my heart) (Live Version).