In 1969 a called band I Quelli takes its first steps... Franco Mussida, guitar and voice, Flavio Premoli, organ and voice, Giorgio Piazza, bass, and Franz gave Ciocco in drums and voice they are its members. For then the Italian musical scene formed it Mine, Adriano Calentano, Fabrizio DeAndré and Lucio Battisti, the next thing to the progressive one: Nomadi and I Pooh. I Quelli came to transform this panorama. It would be the germ in a new expression way.

In their music everything was experimentation and it supposed a great risk, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, the folklore and the jazz of vanguard they were forging their personality; a personality that after the talented piper's incorporation and violinist Mauro Pagani, coming from the group Dalton, would take them to change its name, becoming this way Premiata Forneria Marconi, or simply "The Premiata", the most grandiose rock band that gave Italy in all its history.

"We had two options for the name and this way to re-found the band: "Isotta Fraschini and Forneria Marconi", the first era a traditional mark of automobiles already missing, and the second, the name of an old bakery of Chiari, in Brescia. We opt for the second and we add him " Premiata " like kind of a recognition to their trajectory.

With the name of Premiata Forneria Marconi we sign our first I hire discográfico with the company Numero Uno".

Franz Di Ciocco


A handful of beautiful songs and the covers of their heroes King Crimson and Jethro Tull were their first repertoire in the shows. An accident victim travels in van from Milan to Turín it would serve as inspiration for his first simple "La Carroza Di Hans", prelude of its first album: "Storia Di Un Minuto", a small marvel of moving music, full of beauty.

In March of 1972 the Italian ranking had as leader to Van der Graaf Generator with "Pawn Hearts", to ELP in the third place with "Pictures At An Exhibition" and to a new group disputing them the privilege place, in the second position. But the great surprise was that the band was not English, but Italian, and the album marked its premiere discographic. Under the name of "Storia Di Un Minuto" the group Premiata Forneria Marconi a disk that would mark rushed an it was gilded in the history of the Symphonic Rock and it positioned to Italy like fundamental creative space in its development.


The good star accompanied them. One year later, December of 1972, 20 while they closed with "21st Century Schizoid Man", during the presentation concert of "Per An Amico", in the local Piro Piro of Bologna, sat down in the first lines Greg Lake he discovers them, their enthusiasm went such that ascends to the scenario to participate bis in an of the band. Amazed he makes them sign contract for the recently created stamp of ELP, Manticore Records.

To their return to London, Lake contacts to Pete Sinfield, former member and wordman of King Crimson who worked with Roxy Music in that moment. Sinfield witnessed the concert premiere in London of Premiata, and he offers to collaborate in the production of the material of the group and with the adaptation of its Italian texts to English.

For that event the first change takes place, and with the its characteristic sound is secured: it enters in substitution of the bear Giorgio Piazza, coming from Area, the great Italian cult band whose leader was the mythical singer Demetrios Stratos, Ian Patrick Djivas. They are already really "The Premiata."


In 1973 they move to London with the purpose of recording their first album for Manticore Records, it would be the English version of "Per An Amico", their second disk, well-known as "Photos Of Ghosts". Their good star affords them an extra surprise: in the contiguous Sep of recording was registering an unique disk that would change to the progressive rock, the Crimsom King's new formation was giving life to "Lark's Tonges In Aspic". There they know to their idols, and the favorable opinion toward the material of Premiata on the part of Robert Fripp it is the best blessing that they could receive.

One month later they begin the European tour next to Pete Sinfield's band in whose lines another former King Crimson, saxophonist Mel Collins was. The success of the same one was total.

Between 1974 and 1975 they leave two of their more brilliant disks, L'Isola Di Niente", with its corresponding English version: "The World Became The World", and "Cook: Live In USA", registered during its victorious North American tour next to stars as Santana, ZZ Top, Allman Brothers and Poco. Their more blinding stage is completed.


In 1975 the annual survey of the magazine Melody Maker places them seconds behind Camel, as group revelation. The projects grow and with them new changes appear; they incorporate Bernardo Lanzetti, singer of Aqua Fragile, as voice soloist. With him they publish "Chocolate King", their first disk of gold in Japan. In England and in it USA enters in the Top 20.

They close the year with a historical show in the mythical Royal Albert Hall, in which was present the same Queen from England, lover of the Italian music.

The good star begins to go out... Manticore Records is a true failure and closes, and the following year, 1976, Mauro Pagani whose contribution was fundamental for the sound of the group announces its departure decided to face projects like soloist. Already anything would be same.

The president of the American stamp Elektra Asylum was present in the Royal Albert Hall and she decides to sign a contract with l band to publish the following material. Being resided in The Ángeles, the group absorbs of the typical scene of that moment, the Jazz Rock, with musicians of Jaco Pastorius's importance, Frank Zappa or Billy Cobham who become its friends.

In substitution of Pagani it enters the piper and saxophonist Greg Block, former member of the unstable It's A Beautiful Day, fleeting member of the Mark Almond Band and sessionist of the group of jazz Gato Barbieri's Argentinean. In summary, a musician loaded with parchments and of wide trajectory. Next to him they register their last great world success, "Jet Lag" whose cover art would be rewarded as the best in the year 1977. The disk would be very received by the intellectual critic of Los Angeles, but the punk it had already arisen with a lot of force as much in the radios as in the public and the band suffered its consequences.


The band returns to Italy to look for new inspiration and it publishes the disk " Passpartú " in 1978.

Taken place by Alessandro Colombini, who gives him a mostly acoustic and accessible sound, with letters mostly in Italian to expensive of composer Gianfranco Manfredi, " Passpartú " was a deception for their admirers of the most progressive facet in the band, and it happened practically inadvertent.

The bad star continues... singer Bernardo Lanzetti goes away to begin a career soloist and little time later, the worst thing, dies Greg Block unexpectedly. Next years they are marked by a series of uneven disks and of exhaustion. Flavio Premoli's going, in 1980 little time after the edition of "Sounare, Sounare" was accelerating the final outcome.

Then would come "Come Ti Va In Riva Cittá", in 1981, and in 1982 a live disk, I testify of that tour, "Performance". In 1984, PFM publishes one of its less transcendent disks:"PFM? PFM!", accentuating the fall of the quality and the prestige of the band.

An ephemeral return in 1987 with the disk "Miss Baker"" it is alone the excuse to publish a new album and to discharge sadly the one that the biggest rock band that gave Italy in its history was: "The Premiata."


After "Miss Baker" each member decides to face diverse projects for uncertain time, although it would become never official the separation of the group. Franz Di Ciocco it publishes two disks like soloist, the same thing that Franco Mussida; until in 1996 a spectacular edition is thrown with four disks, containing live material between 1971 and 1981, call "10 Anni Live", rescuing many of the best moments in the band.

But what nobody could wait was a meeting of the group. In 1997, with Flavio Premoli's turn, that is to say with four of the five members of the golden era PFM one of their most delicate and mature works, a new chapter of plethoric music of beauty under the arm takes place: " Ulisse ", a published conceptual album applauded April of 1997, 24 as much for the critic as for their old followers, recovering the band the lost prestige from ends of those ' 70.

All Italy celebrates overjoyed its return, and the press didn't scant praises for the turn. The public knew how to accompany his heroes filling the shows... those wonderful shows of this new band that are captured in " ", a double CD that makes of that mythical "Live In it USA", a wrong dials pirate.


The year 2000 offered us ":Serendipity", where the group, with a captivating sincerity, gives us eleven good songs that show us that almost thirty years later Premiata continues offering a musical quality worthy of its antecedents.

Old magic that has returned. The big topics that they recover their shine for the happiness of the old fans and for the new generations that alone they knew their name...

The happiness of the re encounter with The Premiata is reviving an old love.

Magic that is again with us... magic that in fact alone had taken a repairman rest.



2. PER UN AMICO (1972)
6. COOK: LIVE IN USA (1974)
8. JET LAG (1977)
9. PASSPARTÚ (1978)
13. PERFORMANCE (1982)
14. PFM? PFM! (1984)
15. MISS BAKER (1987)
16. 10 ANNI LIVE (4 CDS) (1996)
17. ULISSE (1997)
18. WWW.PFMPFM.IT (1998)
19. :SERENDIPITY (2000)