Save Reela

Save Reela is a project of sharstarz07 to show our disagreement about the possibility that Shane West [who plays Ray] make special appearances on the 14th season of ER, instead of being a regular member of the cast. Is also a board to claim for the happy Reela ending that all the shippers want.
More people mean more chances to get what we want.

What to do, where to go

There's already 108 registered users, but it's still not enough.
Don't hesitate on registering to talk about it with all the ER fans and Reela shippers and give your ideas to help!

Petition: Save the Roomies-Save the World

MySpace: Save Reela by theirishgirl.

Video: The Save Reela Trailer by Ed.

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Spread it!

Some fans are already making avis and banners to spread the campaign all over the net. Use them to make people know about it! The more, the merrier :D



By Manu



By Manu