It all started in 1996 when Robert's was born… At present it is what I should call a family cattery. I say that because all of us -my daughter Sabina, my son Roberto, our cats and me- are a family that keeps on growing harmoniously.

Right now, Robert's has four females (Moria, Ainu, Mamucca y Ash) and four males (Mr. Spock, Ickis, Lyon and Ciro). They all have excellent health, an extraordinary temper and complete our lives.

Robert's is a member of FIFe, whose representative in Argentina is the Argentine Feline Association (AFA). We breed our cats with extreme care, love and, above all, with a lot of respect.

We owe them lots of satisfactions. For example, thanks to them we have known a lot of wonderful people that are now enjoying our "babies" and give us their friendship and trust. We are also proud of the many awards they have won at AFA shows.


But our greatest satisfaction is that our cats make us feel we deserve them.