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Rio de Janeiro offers an interminable trowel of colors and flavors, that are discovered in their warm beaches surrounded by green hills, the good cuisine and the lively nightlife. Popular articles:


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  One of the experiences that you should not miss in Rio de Janeiro it is a tour in helicopter to see Rio de Janeiro by air. Giving a complete turn to the Christ the Redeemer, symbol of Rio de Janeiro is simply a fascinating experience. You can find companies that have 9 air routes in Rio: the air tour more simple consists on a 7 minute flight, surrounding the Christ and flying over Copacabana beach. It costs 150 real (nearly 75 USD - US dollars for person). The most extensive air tour has a flight time of 60 minutes and it arrives until Barra da Tijuca and it costs 875 real.

The" Cidade Maravilhosa " - Marvellous city
Turned a South America classic of the summer for the tourists, Rio de Janeiro offers a tempting trilogy: an ample variety of beaches, the intense green of its hills (morros) and lively night life...

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Brazil vacation packages:
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Rio de Janeiro is a classic summer destination between the international tourists. Green hills, white-sand beaches and the famous Carnival are the main attractions.

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