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Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil



The Congonhas Airport (CGH) is located inside the Sao paulo city and about 7km (4 miles) of the heart of the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The Congonhas airport - Sao Paulo is the most important hub in local flights, and it is the airport with more air traffic in Brazil. However, due to a tragic accident happened in July of 2007 it was decided to enlarge the two runways and eliminate the connection flights leaving only single direct flights, to reduce their aircraft traffic because the Congonhas terminal was overflowed in 50% of its capacity. Until the accident 19 million passengers almost trafficked him a year. And at the present time it decreased almost in 40% .

You can find car rental agencies inside the airport. The financial center of the Congonhas airport offers banks, automatic cashiers, ATMs, foreign currencies exchange, mail office, sector vip, phones and access to Internet Wi-Fi. For shopping, diverse stores. To eat, restaurants and bars. It also has a medical position, office of lost objects, among other facilities.
Congonhas air taxi companies:
Interávia flights- (11) 5581-4531/2228/1846/6510
Global taxi air- (11) 5070-6000
0800 55 5684
Jet Star (Aero Flyter) - (11) 5096-3303/9917-0310
Líder - (11) 5090-4000
Luma Táxi Aéreo - (11) 5535-1736
Sul América Air- (11) 5589-8821/2276-0638
Tam Jatos Executivos - (11) 5582-8820 (coord.)/4002-7000 (aircraft rental)
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Congonhas airport - Sao Paulo Brazil

Brazil airports: Congonhas, Sao Paulo

If Rio is the capitol of Carnival, then Sao Paulo must be the capitol of business. Congonhas airport :CGH
Sao Paulo Airport (Guarulhos Airport) code: GRU

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