Everything is enormous in Sao Paulo. Everything is “or mais grande do mundo” in this fascinating city where 18 million people live.

Sao Paulo History

Modern city, but with 450 years of history

Founded on 1554 by a community of Jesuit parents, Sao Paulo was born to be the economic and cultural heart of Brazil. She is the pioneer in commerce, industry and culture, something that must to the coffee production that concentrated in century XIX.

That inheritance turned it the undisputed Brazilian and South American, centralizadora reference economic of the great investments (33,921 industries, 71,256 commerce, 89,813 banking companies of services and 1,795 agencies).

Also it is the main front door from tourists to Brazil by air: they enter the city near 1.345.000 disembarkations per year. The tourism of businesses placed to the city like strategically important point of the Mercosur, in line with the main cities of the world.



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