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Brazil holidays: Marau - BA

Peninsula of Maraú (BA) -Brazil

A place where he is unnecessary to dispute a space in the sand to stay the parasol, the cellular is not necessary, the hot bath does not exist, the electric light is unnecessary and the bank agencies are luxury items. In this bahian primitive paradise called peninsula of Maraú, the traveller rests and adventure in tours to the style of the time of Cristobal Colon.

The outsider also test cool crabs and octopuses, sees the culture of seringueiras, dendê, cravo-da-indian, pupunha, cacao and cassava and folloies the places in the act of artesanato as coconut and piaçava. Also he impresses yourself with the artisan technique of construction of enormous boats and with some house done of shells.

This is only one shows brought up to date of day-by-day of the first inhabitants of the bay of Camamu, the brazilian indians, who had baptized the region of Mayrahu. The nature that the natives still enjoyed remains unbroken -- for the delight of the tourists.

Located in the coast of the Dendê, with, clearly, many dendezeiros, beyond coconut palms and cacaueiros, the peninsula is in one of the extremities of the bay of Camamu -- that it separates this land arm of the continent.

What it does not lack to the tourist in the peninsula are places to tame, from beaches of Three Coqueiros and Taipu de Fora: it has about 40 km desert beach and arrecifes of chorales, which form natural swimming pools, islands and waterfalls.

The tour organizers are interested in showing the daily life of about 3.000 inhabitants of the region, with visits the devices of cassava and dendê, walking tours in the tracks of Atlantic bush, divings in waterfalls, discover desert beaches and a tour for the manguezal.

Difficult access

In Maraú, everything is very rustic, and to arrive there with a tourism operator facilitates the life, because it does not have regular services of transport. But she is necessary to call before embarking and combining the transfer: you it will not find guichês of the agencies in the airports.

From Salvador, there are flights, with duration of 50 minutes, destination to the peninsula (using the track of landing of the Kiaroa Resort, in the beach of Bombaça), Wed, Fri and Sundays.

For land, it has two options: until Camamu and, of motor boat, for Great Bar, district of the city of Maraú; or until Itacaré and, of there, passing for the south part of the peninsula, until the beach of Taipu de Fora. In the first case, to arrive at the hotels (that they are spread, beyond Great Bar, for beaches of Tip of the Mutá, Taipu de Fora, Cassange and Saquaíra), crossing land roads, she is necessary to rent to an car 4x4. Therefore it is better to travel folloied, since, if it will not have formed groups, she will be necessary to pay -- expensive -- for a privative transfer.

For the solitary traveller, the alternative is to use the service of the inn Lagoon of the Cassange, that carries guests and not-guests to beaches from the Cassange and Taipu de Fora and charges from R$ 136.




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