Everything is enormous in Sao Paulo. Everything is “or mais grande do mundo” in this fascinating city where 18 million people live.

Sao Paulo airport

Airport Information

Name of Sao Paulo airport: GRU-GUARULHOS (International Airport);
Code : GRU
Distance to city: 25.6 km
Airport tax: USD 18 (International); USD 7.5 (Domestic)
Transportation between Sao Paulo airport and Sao Paulo city:

Buses depart every 1/2 hour from 6 A.M. to 11 P.M. The bus goes to the Tiete bus station and the Praça de Republica (Republic Square) in the city center. From there you can get a taxi to your final destination. The fare is around 15 reals ($8.5). Travel time about 25 to 50 minutes to the Praça de Republica.
• fare: ~USD 8.5

There are two types of taxis from the airport, radio taxis and regular taxis. The radio taxis are much nicer and more comfortable than regular taxis and have more luggage space. You must buy a ticket from the taxi counter in the arrivals area of the airport. There are tickert counters for both types of taxis. You pay the fare and you will receive a ticket to give to the driver.

Fare to the central city is a fixed fare (depending on your specific destination) and will be about 60
reals (~U$40) for a radio taxi. Travel time is anywhere from 25 to 50 minutes, depending on the traffic.
• fare: ~USD 40



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