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Further information . 6221-0244. The bus fare is between R$ 24 and R$ 26,60 reals (brazilian currency, nearly 12 US dollars
Bus from Sao Paulo airport to Republica Square runs every 30 minutes, starting at 05.30 AM to 23:00 PM.
Bus from Sao Paulo airport to Tiete bus terminal runs every 45 minutes, starting at 05.40 AM to 22:10 PM.
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Sao Paulo Airport : getting cheap transfer to downtown Sao Paulo



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Sao Paulo is a classic business destination between the international visitors. .

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The busy Sao Paulo International Airport - Guarulhos - (airport code: GRU), is 28 km north of downtown Sao Paulo. Several types of transportation can take you from Sao Paulo airport to Sao Paulo city. Currency exchange is available at Banco do Brasil bank agencies, but you will not get the best exchange available. real.

The cheap option : special bus service
The special executive bus service offered by EMTU - SP can take you to the downtown very cheap. Designed to carry users who travel by air, the EMTU -SP, has established a service of special bus lines connecting Sao Paulo international airport (Guarulhos) to Congonhas airport, Republica Square, Tiete Interstate bus terminal, the circle lines - Sao Paulo Hotel Circuits (like Paulista, Augusta ) offering a unique service.


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