Everything is enormous in Sao Paulo. Everything is “or mais grande do mundo” in this fascinating city where 18 million people live.

Hotel in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo: Modern city, but with 450 years of history

Also it is the main front door from tourists to Brazil by air: they enter the city near 1.345.000 disembarkations per year. The tourism of businesses placed to the city like strategically important point of the Mercosur, in line with the main cities of the world.
Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the main gateways into Brazil, with flight times generally ranging from eight to 13 hours, depending on departure location. Taking into account time at airports, plane changes, customs, etc., it will probably take a full 24 hours to get from your front door in the States to your final location in Brazil. So, always book a hotel in Sao Paulo in advance.
Sao Paulo offers a great quantity of hotels , ready to receive the business traveler or a tourist.Typical starting hotel rates ,per night ,for a double room: usd$ 40 at Downtown Sao Paulo, near Praca da republica. Explore the options you have in hotels in Sao Paulo, see the links and reviews!!
For brochures, tourists should call the Brazilian Tourist Office at 1800-727-2945

Hotels in Sao Paulo:

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