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Sao Paulo. Paulista Av.

Sao Paulo City. Republic Square.


Sao Paulo picture

Sao Paulo,the light of Latin America

Most of the tourists who arrive here they do it by businesses, work or conventions. But always there is time for the distension. For example, crossing the gorgeous Paulista avenue, zone of banks that mix old buildings with ultramodern constructions and also it is transformed into the place chosen by the multitudes to concentrate itself in the festejos and the quarrels.

Pass and see this incredible large city that it finishes turning 450 years.

Every year there are about 70,000 events with more than 15 million participants.
The Carnival, the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Interlagos, the International Show of Cinema, the Tim Festival and International Week Fashion are some of the exponents. The city has more than 240,000 square meters of space for the accomplishment of fairs and exhibitions.

Name of Sao Paulo airport:
GRU-GUARULHOS (International Airport);
Code : GRU
Distance to city: 25.6 km
Airport tax: USD 18 (International); USD 7.5 (Domestic)

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Everything is enormous in Sao Paulo. Everything is “or mais grande do mundo” in this fascinating city where 18 million people live.

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