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Buffy Intro Season 3.

Angel Intro Season 1.

This is a part of Buffy's episode "Forever" in season 5, when Angel returns to support Buffy.

This is a funny video from Angel season 1.

Angel returns from hell  and all he remember is Buffy's name.

This is from season 2 of Angel, when he's singing his favorite song: Mandy.

This is the kiss in Buffy's episode "Revelations".

Buffy & Angel kiss in the sun, from Angel's episode "IWRY".

Music Videos 

download: "Full of Grace"

 My very first B/A video with Sarah McLachlan's song: "Full of Grace".

download: "Always"

This is a really nice video with my favorite song, Bon Jovi's "Always".

download: "One last Breathe"

This is a real romantic video with Creed's song. "One Last Breathe".

download: "Total Eclipse"

This is a sad video, with a beautiful Bonnie Tyler song, "Total eclipse of the heart".




Nerf herder - Buffy Theme

Darling Violetta - Angel Theme

Buffy y Angel first meeting

The last place...

I'm buffy

Angel Share The feelins

I'm a vampire slayer

This does not look for our heroine 

Once more with feeling - Main title 

Oh my god



Buffy Quiz

Angel Quiz